7-year-old Tulare boy featured in ‘The Proud Family’ Disney+ reboot

TULARE, California (KFSN) – Aiden Dodson’s voice brings joy to families around the world.

7-year-old Tulare plays the character “Bebe” in the animated version of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” at Disney +.

“They wanted an African-American boy who was autistic, so Aiden was autistic, he fit the spectrum very well,” says Aiden’s dad.

Aiden was mostly non-verbal until about five years old.

His parents noticed early on in some childhood developments and enrolled him in special education classes.

Now, Aiden is learning to read, write and make his dreams come true as an actor.

“Being autistic, Aiden does not allow it to be an obstacle or a burden,” said his father. “It’s just an everyday thing for us to go through.”

Aiden auditioned for the role of Bebe in late 2020. He received the recall and in May 2021, he was on his way to work in Hollywood.

“We are very proud of him because he is a young man who is not impressed,” said his father. “He does not ignore what all this really means, but he is happy to do so.”

His mom, Joyce, and his sister, Amira, play a huge role in helping Eden memorize his scripts.

“I was in love with his lines because he had really fun points to say,” Amira said.

Aiden’s parents say the trip was special and would not have been possible without the great support of the incredible people in his life.

“Of course, working with teachers and therapists, we are a team, so our success with Aiden is working with everyone and we are so grateful,” said Aiden’s mom.

The first season of “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder” is just starting and if it continues to be successful, the series and Aiden could seek a contract renewal for season 2.

Disney is the parent company of ABC30.

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7-year-old Tulare boy featured in ‘The Proud Family’ Disney+ reboot Source link 7-year-old Tulare boy featured in ‘The Proud Family’ Disney+ reboot

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