7 Ways Your Occupation Can Help You Get A Mortgage For Your Dream Home

Buying a home is an essential rite of passage for many Americans. In today’s economy, it can be challenging to know how to get a mortgage with the best possible terms. Your occupation can be a significant asset in helping you get onto the property ladder.

You should show that you have a strong working history and aim to stay in the same role for at least a couple of years. This can show the bank or lender that you are a smart risk.


Research the schemes that provide mortgages for teachers. Schemes offer housing opportunities to teachers in specific neighborhoods, provided you remain for 36 months. Teachers can qualify for free appraisals, interest terms and down payment assistance.

Healthcare Professional

Get savings on the home buying process with schemes to help healthcare professionals. Research mortgage discounts for healthcare professionals which vary from state to state. Schemes include ‘help for heroes’ style discounts and help with down payments.

Higher paid medical workers like doctors will be likely to get more favorable terms due to their salary. Consider ways to move up in your career path for a better chance.


Being a lawyer means you can do some of the legal paperwork yourself, saving you money on fees. Lawyers are high earners with good reputations, meaning banks are more willing to loan you mortgages with favorable terms.

Military Veteran

Support your family after your service has ended with VA home loans. You must have served a minimum of 90 days during war time and 180 days in peacetime. Find out more details from Hero Loans, specialists in getting veterans home loans.


As a higher earner, an accountant will be offered more favorable terms on mortgages. You can demonstrate through your employment that you are financially capable and knowledgeable.


Receive a no down payment mortgage on a home in a rural area. Ideal for farmers or agricultural workers, this allows you to buy a home without a down payment near to work opportunities in your industry. Choose an eligible home and area to qualify.


Consider specializing in livestock and rural farming animal services. You can get a zero or low deposit option using a USDA loan. You will need to live in a qualifying rural area as well as other USDA eligibility criteria.


Your career can help you get the best possible mortgage and interest rates. You should work your way up the career ladder to get the best deal. Find ways to increase your income by taking additional training or switching careers if you are in a low paid job. Consider assistance options and mortgage help schemes if you are in a lower-paid but highly valued job.

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