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Apple focused on privacy in the meantime Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) Keynote Speech This week, we’ll show you features from Siri audio processing on your device to the new privacy dashboard for iOS. This makes it easier than ever to see which apps are collecting data when.

While a two-hour (!) Keynote, usually filled with emoji, speaks out about security, the company also quietly introduces some new security and privacy-focused features at the WWDC developer session. did. Here are some of the most interesting and important ones.

Passwordless login using iCloud Keychain

Apple is a state-of-the-art technology company that is taking steps to throw away passwords. That”Move beyond passwordIn the developer session, we previewed the passkey in iCloud Keychain. This is a passwordless authentication method. WebAuthn, And Face ID and Touch ID.

Features that will eventually be available on both iOS 15 macOS Monterey means you no longer have to set a password when creating an account, website, or app. Instead, select your username and use Face ID or Touch ID to verify your identity. Your passkey is stored in your keychain and synced between Apple devices using iCloud, so you don’t have to remember your passkey or carry your hardware authorization key with you.

“It’s easier, faster, and more secure than almost all popular authentication formats today because you only have to sign in with one tap,” said Garrett Davidson, Apple’s authentication experience engineer.

It’s unlikely to be immediately available on iPhones and Macs, but according to Apple, this feature is still “early” and is currently disabled by default. This move is another sign of increasing momentum to eliminate prone passwords. Forgotten, reused in multiple services, and — ultimately — Phishing attack..Microsoft has previously announced plans to make Windows 10 Without a password, Google recently confirmed that it is working on “someday creating a future that doesn’t require a password at all.”

macOS microphone indicator

macOS has a new indicator that tells you that microhpone is turned on. (Image: Apple)

Since the introduction of iOS 14, iPhone users have been able to monitor which apps are accessing the microphone through the green or orange dots in the status bar. It is now also available on the desktop.

On macOS Monterey, users can see which apps are accessing their Mac’s microphone in the Control Center. MacRumors The report complements the existing hardware-based green light that appears next to your Mac’s webcam while you’re using the camera.

Safe paste

iOS 15 includes a number of privacy-enhancing tools, from email privacy protection to app privacy reports, as well as a feature called Secure Paste that helps protect your clipboard data from other apps.

This feature allows users to paste content from one app to another, even if the second app does not have access to the clipboard information until pasting. This is a significant improvement over iOS 14 that notifies when the app retrieves data from the clipboard, but did nothing to prevent it.

“”Secure paste allows developers to paste from another app without having to access what was copied until the user takes an action to paste into the app. ” Apple explains.. “When developers use secure paste, users [clipboard] Notification of transparency, help give them peace of mind. “

This feature sounds a bit insignificant, but it’s been introduced following a major privacy issue that was revealed last year. In March 2020, security researchers unveiled dozens of popular iOS apps. Ticktaku — It was possible to “snoop” a user’s clipboard without the user’s consent to access sensitive data.

Apple Card Advanced Fraud Prevention

As a result of the pandemic, payment fraud is more prevalent than ever, and Apple is trying to do something about it.As originally reported by 9to5Mac, The company previewed advanced fraud prevention features. Apple card The user will generate a new card number in the wallet app.

Details remain thin (this feature isn’t in the first iOS 15 developer beta), but Apple explains that due to advanced fraud protection, a new security code (three digits to enter at checkout) when purchasing online. You will be able to generate numbers). ..

“Advanced fraud protection allows Apple Card users to use security codes that change on a regular basis to make their online card number transactions even more secure,” said a brief explainer. I will. I asked Apple for more information.

“Unlock on Apple Watch” on Siri request

As a result of the widespread mask wearing required by the pandemic, Apple introduced “Unlock with Apple Watch” in iOS 14.5, allowing users to unlock and authenticate their iPhones. Apple Pay Payment using Apple Watch instead of Face ID.

The range of this feature has been expanded in iOS 15. The company has confirmed that users will soon be able to use this alternative authentication method for Siri requests, such as adjusting phone settings and reading messages. Currently, users are required to enter their PIN, password or use Face ID.

“Use a secure connection to your Apple Watch for Siri requests, or unlock your iPhone if your Face ID doesn’t recognize Face due to an obstacle such as a mask,” Apple explains. The watch must be passcode protected, unlocked and close to your wrist. “

Standalone security patch

To keep iPhone users up-to-date with security updates that don’t want to upgrade to iOS 15 right away, Apple will start detaching patches from feature updates. when IOS 15 will be released later this year, and users will have the option of updating to the latest version of iOS or continuing to use iOS 14 and installing the latest security fixes.

“On iOS, you can now choose between two software update versions in the Settings app,” Apple explains. MacRumors). “You can update to the latest version of iOS 15 as soon as the latest feature and the most complete set of security updates are released, or continue with iOS 14 until you’re ready to upgrade to the next major version. , Get important security updates. “

This feature shows that Apple is following in the footsteps of Google. Google has long deployed monthly security patches to Android users.

For Mac, “Erase all content and settings”

Wipe the Mac was a tedious task and required you to wipe the device completely and then reinstall macOS. TThankfully, that will change. Apple brings the long-standing “Erase All Content and Settings” option to macOS Monterey on iPhones and iPads.

With this option, you can reset your MacBook to factory default with a click. “System Preferences now offers the option to erase all user data and user-installed apps from the system while preserving the currently installed operating system.” Apple says.. “On Mac systems with Apple Silicon or T2 chips, storage is always encrypted, so discarding the encryption key will instantly and securely” erase “the system. “

7 new security features Apple quietly announced at WWDC – TechCrunch Source link 7 new security features Apple quietly announced at WWDC – TechCrunch

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