7 great, cheap kid-friendly gifts that aren’t video games

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If you’re reading this, you’re looking for a gift for someone before Black Friday, or you’re curious about what else is available to kids other than video games. It’s getting harder and harder to get the attention of children these days, but sometimes all you need to do to have a good time is to get back to the basics of play and imagination, especially when the whole family is involved.

Lego sets are usually a great choice if you know that your child will enjoy playing with them. Another option, card games, is suitable for playing with two or more players. This is because the game is really just a trick to make memories of each other. And what’s better than making memories?

Our choices are really cheap, interesting and meet the criteria for distracting and attracting children’s attention (if that’s what you want). However, these are not the only transactions available. Take a look at our other gift suggestions to find the one that suits you.

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With only 103 pieces of this Lego kit, it shouldn’t take long to assemble. It is also designed to be simple enough for small children (4 years and older) to assemble with the help. If they enjoy Marvel movies (and who doesn’t?), This is a fun way to recreate the excitement of later Avengers movies.


This is not a gift for small children. Perfect for kids over 10 years old who enjoy fantasy, magic and folklore. This is a trick-taking card game for two players, where the person with the highest card wins the round.


Yes, this classic still exists and bounces and “walks” as usual. And it’s cheap to start.


If the kids you know love Star Wars, they create their own story from the hit Disney Plus show in the distant galaxy, so building and playing a blaster from this 102-piece set is a good idea. I love it.


If you don’t entertain young children to Jenga, it’s one of the games that can lead to brawls (at least in my family). So, not only playing, but also teaching strategies can help make this classic game fun. Stack as high as possible and the last player to remove the block wins without the tower collapsing.


There are two ways to play Uno. Even the kids got fierce, the usual way and the way my family grew up playing it. If you want to give a gift that is fun and exciting for everyone, this is easy to learn and always fun for the group.


This set is recommended for ages 8 and up, and thanks to the more diverse figures, it’s a great pace change from the many sets we grew up with. Black Panther, Shuri, Evil Chitauri Warrior (Thanos Minions) are all available, and there’s also a 202-piece Dragon Flyer that kids can create on their own (if they’re old enough) or with the help of adults. I have.

7 great, cheap kid-friendly gifts that aren’t video games Source link 7 great, cheap kid-friendly gifts that aren’t video games

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