5 Remarkable Blackjack wins

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the best casino games of all time. When talking about casino games that people love the most, blackjack will always be top tier. It doesn’t matterif it’s real life blackjack or blackjack online casinos, the excitement and thrill areever-present. Over the years, there have been several significant blackjack wins, many of which range from hundreds of thousands to millions. You may think that despite all the huge wins from blackjack, the game would have undergone some modifications to make it harder for people to rake in millions from winning. However, till now, blackjack remains one of the casino games that offers you a higher odd of you winning a lot of money.

Some Remarkable Blackjack Wins In History

  1. Kerry Packer: The most exciting part about Kerry Packer’s story is that it is not a fluke, as he didn’t just win only once. Kerry had huge wins multiple times, making a total of more than $50 million from blackjack. The first of these many wins happened in Hilton, Las Vegas, 1991. This win occurred re at the general blackjack table. Hence there were lots of witnesses who all had different versions of stories to share about how the event of that night went down. The only thing all the stories had in common was that Kerry Packer won 7 million dollars and was offered a unique suite at the Hilton.

 For many people, winning such an amount of money would have made them never step into any casino again for the rest of their lives, but Kerry Packer was a different breed. Now even 7 million dollars was enough to end his love for blackjack. A few years after winning at the Hilton, Packer wagered the sum of 250,000 dollars each on a total of 8 rounds of blackjack game. After playing for less than 40 minutes, Kerry made 40 million dollars that night.

  1. The MIT Team: This is the most famous story on the list, thanks to its movie adaptation, 21. Those who have seen the movies will already know how the story happened. However, not everyone knows that the movie was based on actual events around 1980-1990. The time from is not accurate, and probably the story told in the film was neither precise. Nevertheless, the story showed the backstory of the most prominent casino group win of all time.

 The group features grad students originally from Harvard, Yale, and MIT. However, the movie focused on the MIT part only, and that’s why they are famously known as the MIT team. This team, under the supervision of Bill Kaplan, was able to crack the counting cards system and execute it flawlessly on countless occasions, winning a total of almost 100 million dollars from various casinos in Vegas.

  1. Shoeless Joe: His identity might be unknown, but his story will forever linger on for as long as casino, especially blackjack, remains in existence. His name came literally from the fact that he entered a casino without wearing shoes. There was a backstory about him being evicted from his house by his wife, and in a bid to find a soft landing, Shoeless Joe used the last sum of money on him to wager on blackjack.

 Witnesses narrated how he went against the natural order of playing the game and how it eventually paid off when he made a whopping sum of 1.5 million dollars. Unfortunately, he lost almost all of the money that same day.

  1. Ben Affleck: Popular Hollywood actor, Ben Affleck who gained global recognition for his role as Batman, also has an impressive and remarkable run of wins in blackjack. According to him, he dedicated a lot of his time to get better at playing blackjack.

His efforts paid off eventually when he made a massive win of over 800,000 dollars and gave casino staff an enormous sum of 145,000 as a tip. However, this didn’t go on for long before Ben Affleck got slammed with a ban at the Hard Rock casino because he allegedly used the card counting system.

  1. Michael Geismar: The story of Michael Geismar is a funny one that proves that you don’t have to go to Vegas to play casino games before you end up with a stack of cash won from the casino. Michael was about to have breakfast at the Bellagio when he decided to stake a quick game of 300 dollars on blackjack, just as a form of distraction. That simple stake won him as much as 470,000 that morning.


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