5 candidates running to represent District 30 in the California Assembly

Homelessness, affordable shopping, education, and public safety are some of the biggest challenges for candidates running for the 30th California Legislative District in the June 7 first election.

The boundaries of District 30 were pulled again and now includes most of San Luis Obispo County, except Nipomo, which runs along the coast to Santa Cruz.

From college students to seniors, Mediterranean residents of all ages are working hard to replace it.

Jon Wizard was a firefighter and a police officer but after a few injuries he decided it was government policy to call him.

“As a firefighter, you are an auxiliary police officer, you know, two people, ten people a day. As a government policy person, as a council member or elected official, you can “You can help thousands or tens of thousands or millions of people in one day,” he said.

Wizard is the policy guide for a statewide campaign to improve and enhance long -term housing projects.

She says her understanding of the relationship between building policies and the conservation of natural resources and resources will prepare her to serve her community.

“What I think of most is home and homelessness,” Wizard said.

Vicki Nohrden, a mother and grandmother from Monterey County, is a professional, nonprofit, and community worker. He is the only Republican candidate running in District 30 but says he wants to take the label out of politics.

“I’ve seen a lot of changes in the state of California for a long time now and I’ve decided we have a lot of inequality in our legislature there, and I don’t think they’re going to listen to the media. man, “said Nohrden.

He believes now is the time to become a voice for those who have not been heard. Public safety, education, homelessness and mental health are some of the top priorities for him.

“When I was elected to this district, public safety was very important to me,” Nohrden said.

Morro Bay City Council and teacher Dawn Addis raised her children in the Middle East and said she was raised in the San Luis Obispo area. He hopes to be a leader at the state level for local communities.

“I’m ready to go to Sacramento and have our rightful place, to have services and resources for the homeless, for education,” Addis said.

Addis also organized the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo and said she would work to ensure that San Luis Obispo County returns to what they are giving the state.

“I’m proud to be the only candidate in a Democrat -sponsored race,” Addis said.

At 21, John Drake is the youngest on the ballot for District 30. Although he is a student at Cal Poly studying political science, he hopes to solve the housing crisis.

“He’s my biggest motivator,” Drake said. “That’s why I got into this because I want to see how housing is available.”

Even at a very young age, she felt she was ready for the subject and ready to try her skills.

“I want to see people who can live with dignity and not be forced to live in terrible conditions,” Drake said.

Zoe Carter grew up in Monterey, Los Olivos and was passionate about the challenges of the Central Coast community. She hopes to make a difference in the aftermath of illness through community outreach.

“Make sure the kids have access to the internet for school and if we need to fix our roads and bridges,” Carter said. “There are some major projects and road benefits.”

Carter worked for First Lady Michelle Obama’s policy group and said her time in that role encouraged her to continue her political career after returning to the Central Coast.

Access to mental health resources was another major problem he hoped to address.

“Assure communities of the support they need for mental health reasons and not just for our homeless, but for everyone,” Carter said.

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5 candidates running to represent District 30 in the California Assembly Source link 5 candidates running to represent District 30 in the California Assembly

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