5 accused of stealing $4,000 worth of alcohol in Roseville

Three people were arrested for theft from Sacramento, but two suspects remain unresolved after fleeing police.

Roseville, California — Police arrested three people. Sacramento We are looking for two more unidentified suspects who have been accused of committing a series of systematic alcohol thefts around the world. Roseville range.

Roseville police news release The group reportedly stole thousands of dollars worth of retail goods from Roseville and multiple stores “potentially in the area”. Police were able to get back about $ 4,000 worth of goods. ..

Joseph Houston, 24, Detrevias Patterson, 23, and Marshauta Daniels, 25, all from Sacramento, were arrested for theft. Roseville police said police officers allegedly fled the police in a car separate from the other three suspects were still looking for the two suspects.

Roseville police said they began investigating the group on Saturday, May 29, after several alcohol cases were taken out at a grocery store along Pleasant Grove Boulevard 1000 blocks. I stole merchandise in different cars and went to another store to steal more alcohol. The location of this second store has not been specified.

These two cars were later discovered in Roseville, Cirby Way, near Riverside Avenue. When police officers tried to stop the two cars, one of them fled to the west-facing interstate highway 80.

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The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office released a video on Saturday of an adjutant shooting and killing a 16-year-old boy during an investigation.

5 accused of stealing $4,000 worth of alcohol in Roseville Source link 5 accused of stealing $4,000 worth of alcohol in Roseville

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