4 things to watch in Bears-Browns game

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Bears (1-1) will record two consecutive victories on Sunday when they visit Cleveland’s Browns (1-1). Here are four storylines to watch out for in the game:

(1) How does rookie quarterback Justin Fields carry on his first NFL start?

Veteran Andy Dalton was unable to play due to a knee injury when he defeated Bengals last Sunday, so the Bears turn to the first round draft topic that yelled out. Playing with Dalton’s bailout against Cincinnati, Fields completed six of the 60-yard 13 passes in a single intercept and rushed 31 yards with a 10-carry. A former Ohio State University star showed a flash of his elite abilities-as when he scrambled 10 yards in the third and 9 to pick up the important first down later in the game. But he also made a typical rookie mistake-as when intercepted by a linebacker who dropped the line of scrimmage into path coverage.

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Teammates praise Fields for keeping him calm under pressure and don’t expect anything different on Sunday in Cleveland. “I think it really stands out,” said tight-end Cole Kmet. “When he threw the pick last weekend, it’s a really impressive’next play’. We have seen it. He has the ultimate confidence in himself and it’s really cool to see it. When a quarterback has such confidence, it instills confidence in everyone else. “

“He’s always calm,” added recipient Darnell Mooney. “He just wants to play and get a” dubbed “of the team. It’s being screened in the field, and it’s being screened not only in the field, but also in the field, and this week it has a lot of people in charge. Similarly. “

(2) Is Bears’ defense built on its impressive performance against Bengal?

The defense struggled in the opening round of the season, allowing 67-yard and 56-yard touchdown passes without creating a disappointing takeout for Rams 34-14. However, the unit bounced back last Sunday, registering four consecutive takeaways of possession in the second half, defeating Bengals 20-17 and compiling five sack.

Bears wants to continue strong defenses and forced turnovers on Sunday in Cleveland. “I’m glad I met a lot of people [takeaways] Defensive coordinator Sean Desailly said, “I’m really proud to be able to bundle them together.” The ball finds them. It’s just a function of the league. You need to play with good technique and fundamentals and be in your spot when you need to be in your spot. And when you can steal the ball, do it. “

The only teams with four or more Bears takeouts this season are the Cowboys with six and the Patriots and Texans with five. Browns made four turnovers in the first two games. Two fumble losses and two intercepts.

(3) Can the Bears contain the proud Browns Pass Rush, led by the first-placed pair of Myles Garrett and Jadebeon Crowney?

“They have talented people, long people, and fierce people,” said attack coordinator Bill Razor. “Even some of the backups we’ve played in the past are high motored and difficult people. If you need to rank all the issues … I think you have to start with how they play. How they can be confused at the end, their defensive end is at the beginning and inside. You will have to block them from running through, so I I think that is the No. 1 job to see this team concretely. “

A productive running game slows the pass rush and keeps the Bears away from predictable pass situations. David Montgomery ran 108 yards against Rams and one touchdown with 16 carries, but was limited to 61 yards in 20 attempts against Bengals. Entering the third week, Browns’ defense was ranked 14th in the NFL’s total yards, 9th against Run and 23rd against Pass.

Field mobility should also help. The Browns need to explain the speed of 4.4 and the ability to escape from their pockets and stretch their play with their feet.

(4) Can Bears’defense delay the balanced Browns’ attack, supported by another overall No. 1 pick at Baker Mayfield?

Mayfield enters the third week with one TD, two intercepts and a 101.9 passer rating in 13th place in the NFL, completing 81.6% of the league’s leading 534-yard pass. Receiver Jarvis Laundry was added to the injured list this week, but Mayfield and Browns are expected to benefit from the return of receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

“The quarterback is playing at a very high level. He can extend his play,” said Desai, who described Browns’ attack as a “stack.” “He has a cannon for his arm and a receiver that can play with the ball. The tight end is the top target for pass games and has a fast and big catch. Radius.”

Cleveland also boasts a dynamic running back tandem, rushing 1,908 yards last season with Nick Chub (1,067) and Kareem Hunt (841). “They are physical, angry and mean,” Desai said. “They run on their shoulders with their toes. They are not afraid to hit the ball downhill and not be afraid to miss someone. Many people will take them down at once.”

4 things to watch in Bears-Browns game Source link 4 things to watch in Bears-Browns game

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