4 men infected with ‘rare’ monkeypox in London

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British health authorities say they have identified four more meningitis cases among infected men in London and have no history of traveling to affected African countries.

In a statement issued on Monday, the UK Health Authority said an investigation had been launched into how people became infected and whether they were related. Three of the men are from London and one is in the north east of England. All males appear to be homosexuals, two men or two men who have sex with men.

The UK last week reported three outbreaks of monkey pox, including two people living in the same house and others who had previously traveled to Nigeria, where the disease is spreading. animals.

“Evidence suggests that meningitis can be spread in the community, through proximity,” said Dr Susan Hopkins, chief health consultant with the UK National Security Agency. “We especially call on gay men to take note of any abnormalities or injuries and to contact the Department of Sexual Health immediately.”

Monkeypox shine a bacterial infection it is usually spread by touching or biting an infection wild animals like rats or squirrels in West Africa and Central Africa. The disease does not spread easily among humans, but British health officials say it is possible if the person gets too close.

Monkey pox is not known to be a sexually transmitted disease.

British authorities say that due to the recent rise in the number of cases and uncertainty over the incidence of meningitis, they are working with hospitals and international partners to see if similar outbreaks occur in others. places. Society health Experts say doctors treating patients who have acne “without any specific treatment” should seek professional advice.

They say the risk to population is very low and the victims are receiving special care in London and Newcastle. Officials are continuing to identify those who have been exposed to meningitis, including airline passengers.

My first signs meningitis include fever, muscle aches, chills and fatigue. In severe cases, the rash may develop, often on the face and genitals, similar to that seen in chicken pox and lower extremities. Most people recover from illness for several weeks.

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4 men infected with ‘rare’ monkeypox in London Source link 4 men infected with ‘rare’ monkeypox in London

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