38th State Senate candidate Matt Gunderson (R) blasts Catherine Blakespear for ignoring SANDAG audit –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Following the redistribution, the 38th California State Senate now covers much of San Diego County’s coastal cities, parts of Mission Valley, and extends inland just north of Camp Pendleton.

The current 38th District covers much of San Diego County inland and is represented by Republican Sen. Brian Jones. In 2022, Brian Jones will campaign for the 40th Senate District.

In 2022, three candidates will be campaigning to represent the newly drawn 38th Senate District.

  • Republican Matt Gooderson
  • Democratic Kathryn Blackspire
  • Democrat Joe Kerr

Gunderson says he is a businessman, not a politician, and aims to bring real solutions to Sacramento. He sold his business last March, but instead of leaving California like many others, Gunderson decided to run and make changes that way.

He says the top issues for the region are affordability, cost of living and the importance of regaining local control. He realizes that California is a blue state, so he intends to improve the bad laws of Sacramento.

On Tuesday morning in San Diego, Ganderson explained to KUSI’s Lauren Finney that his opponent, Enchinita Mayor Kathryn Blakespire, was too left-wing for the people of the new 38th District Senate.

In case you did not know, Encinitas Mayor Catherine Blakespear (D) is also the president of SANDAG. A recent audit found that SANDAG leaders misused a taxpayer-financed credit card by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on rich miniature steak dinners and other luxury restaurants.

The unelected SANDAG executive director, Hasan Ikhrata, was one of the main culprits. Ikhrata makes $ 580,000 a year, with ten weeks’ paid vacation, and still chooses to regularly use his taxpayer-funded credit card, raising tens of thousands of dollars.

Since the audit was uncovered, Ikhrata and Blakespear have issued statements claiming they would be stricter on using the credit card, but critics have not bought it, with many telling KUSI that the damage has already been done.

KUSI has repeatedly contacted the two SANDAG leaders to talk about this scrutiny on our show, and both have rejected all of our requests.

Although she refuses to speak to voters about one of the biggest scandals in San Diego County politics, Kathryn Blakespire is also urging voters to take her to the Senate.

The ballot boxes for the 38th qualifying election for the State Senate will be released on Monday, May 9th.

Regarding the SANDAG scandal, candidate Matt Gunderson explained that “everything is a matter of transparency and accountability”. Adding that he believes this is a sign of how Blackspire “will probably handle things in Sacramento”.

Ganderson went on to say, “Blakespeare’s deafening silence and indifference to questioning some of the ridiculous spending reminds me of something my grandmother would say. they spend money like drunken sailors, not counting whose money they spend. “And I think that’s a real problem.”

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For more information on the Gunderson campaign, click here here.

38th State Senate candidate Matt Gunderson (R) blasts Catherine Blakespear for ignoring SANDAG audit – Source link 38th State Senate candidate Matt Gunderson (R) blasts Catherine Blakespear for ignoring SANDAG audit –

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