3 Keys to Winning for the Rams against the Colts

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The Los Angeles Rams are heading to Indianapolis to face Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in the second week, aiming for a transition to Season 2-0. The kickoff is scheduled for FOX at 10am Pacific time.

Before the game, theRams.com looks up three keys to win the Rams offered by Wallace Office.

1) Contain the run game (and prevent the running back from affecting the pass game)

Another 1,000-yard rusher from last season is waiting for Rams’ defense this weekend. Jonathan Taylor had the third highest number in the NFL at 1,169 yards as a rookie last year, with 11 rush touchdowns in Cardinals quarterbacks Kyler Murray and Washington. Antonio Gibson has returned to 7th place in the league.

Both Taylor and running back Niheim Hines present the challenge of being able to receive threats from the backfield. Wide receiver Zach Pascal caught both quarterback Carson Wentz touchdown passes last week, while Taylor and Hines were Indianapolis’ top two receivers with six catches. Taylor received the team’s best 60 yards and Hines was 48 yards.

After all, most of limiting Colts’ attacks is to mitigate the influence of Taylor and Hines as ball carriers and receivers.

2) Win the battle on the line of scrimmage

As mentioned in this week’s first look, Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald (sixth consecutive first team all-pro selection) was given the opportunity to look forward to trench play (or attack and defense lines). People who follow (play between) are excited about this game Colts offensive lineman, Quentinsonson (3 straight first team all-pro selection) must play against each other.

From a broader perspective, the result of the overall fight between Rams’defensive line and Colts’ offensive line (ranked second in the league by Pro Football Focus after the first week), and vice versa, is the match on Sunday. Results-Which team wins, you have the chance to win the match.

3) Create a takeaway

Colts attack coordinator Marcus Brady told reporters in Indianapolis this week that he was happy with Wentz’s decision and thought Wentz had done well for the Seahawks as a whole. However, Wentz lost a fumble in a quarterback sneak in the second half of the 4th and one from the Seahawks 31-yard line in the second half of the third quarter, ending Colts 21-10.

Wentz was playing an almost clean game, but that moment shows the importance of creating a timely takeout on Sunday-if Colts has been transformed, at least with a field goal 1 It could have been one owned game. The Seahawks punted the drive following the turnover, but Colts still couldn’t score.

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3 Keys to Winning for the Rams against the Colts Source link 3 Keys to Winning for the Rams against the Colts

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