​​3 Benefits to Using A Pocket Hose

A pocket hose is a hose that is designed to expand and contract with water pressure, making it easy to carry, manipulate, and store. It can also be very fun to watch a small and limp hose then move and become a fully functioning hose just like a normal hose. However, there are a few more benefits to using a pocket hose than just how easy and simple the hose is.

But before we break down the benefits to using a pocket hose that you can find scattered through pocket hose reviews, this article is going to go through why a pocket hose works the way it does so you can understand all the benefits. Plus, it’s pretty interesting to go under the hood and see how things work!

How Does A Pocket Hose Work?

An expandable hose is one that has two layers, with the first layer being one that is made of expandable latex which expands with water pressure, and the second layer that is wear resistant and designed to expand with the inner layer. With everything expanding and contracting, there are a lot of cheap hoses out there, ones that aren’t designed for the constant expanding and contracting and as a consequence they start ripping.

However, if you get a good quality pocket hose, then you don’t need to worry about it becoming damaged or breaking whenever you fill it with water. Still, as you read the reviews, look for hoses that contain brass fittings, and have a very strong outer and inner layer that can handle a lot of expanding and contracting.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pocket Hose?

One of the first benefits of a pocket hose that people often think about is the size. Most pocket hoses can extend to 25, 50, or even 100 feet, but whenever they are without water inside of them, they are small enough to be put into a pocket or tucked away on a shelf without any real issues. Instead of having to wrestle with a hose and drag it across a long yard or driveway, then a pocket hose can be a very lightweight item that you can easily maneuver.

If you think that you might have trouble carrying the hose and moving the large hose around, then a pocket hose can be an easy way to ensure you can move the hose through the yard for a very long day of washing and watering.

Very Easy To Store

One of the biggest problems most people have with a standard hose is that it is so long and huge. Whether you are storing it in a shed, a corner of the garage, or just beside the spigot on the side of the house, it can take up quite a lot of space and can be very hard to store, even without kinks.

However, a pocket hose is very small and can be stored in a lot of nooks and crannies in your workbench, shed, or garage. This makes it perfect to save space and makes the hose very easy to get back out whenever you need it.

The Water Pressure Doesn’t Change

If you have wrestled with a regular hose and watched the water pressure go from being a full blast to being a trickle and back again as you move your hose across the yard, then you know that it can become a very frustrating game that isn’t always fun to play whenever you want to find the correct water pressure.

However, for a pocket hose, you never have to worry about the hose kinking up or having the water pressure change or slow down no matter how hard you are moving the hose around whenever you are in the yard. Instead you can move the hose wherever you would like and not have to worry about the water pressure changing or shutting off. Perfect if you have a big yard and a lot of chores that need to be done!

Get A Pocket Hose And Watch Your Yard Work Change

A lot of people have trouble with yard work simply because they don’t like wrestling with the various tools required to complete the work. While we can’t help you with a troublesome lawn mower or a weed eater that won’t start, we can help you with a hose that is light and almost too easy to work with!

If you want to turn your yard work into a very simple chore, then a pocket hose has all the benefits without any major drawbacks or problems. It is just a simple and useful tool that works and that will allow you to water your yard, wash your car, and spruce up your garden in record time. Who doesn’t want that?

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