$3.5 Trillion Budget Plan Is Electric Vehicle Stock Rocket Fuel

We are still waiting for Congress to pass $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill.. The Senate is discussing some last-minute details. But when the law is enacted, it will be flooded with new spending on roads, power generation and many other projects. We’re talking about decades of spending!

Infrastructure is one of the megatrends I follow. Green Zone Fortune.. My readers have already increased by 47% in the first infrastructure play recommended last November.

But while we wait for Congress to move forward on infrastructure, we need to chew another big spending bill.

3.5T dollars is a big change

Democrats in the White House and Congress have announced a large budget plan of just $ 3.5 trillion. Details are not yet known, but the plan is a compilation of all the Biden administration’s policy initiatives that were not included in the infrastructure bill.

Some details need to be finalized, but the bill is expected to pass through budget adjustments. This means that you can avoid the possibility of filibuster in the Senate.

We’re talking about $ 3.5 trillion … that’s a lot of money. In fact, it’s almost three times as big as an infrastructure plan.

We refrain from deciding whether the spending bill is “good” or “bad.” It’s a more political issue.

I am more interested in potential deals. And with $ 3.5 trillion in play, you have the money to make money.

You cannot invest in some proposals. There is no direct way to invest in an extended community college program or pre-kindergarten funded by taxpayers.

But clean energy is a big part of the spending package. And I see some powerful opportunities in this area.

Again, they are still coming up with details. However, we know that this plan includes tax incentives for clean energy, including electric vehicles, and large investments in wind and solar power.

The plan requires renewable energy sources to account for a certain percentage of total electricity. This transition to a more environmentally friendly future is happening.

Electric car inventories become even more attractive

No matter how the spending bill fluctuates, the transition is already on track. Last year, about 3.1 million electric vehicles were sold. This is 43% above the 2019 level.

Also, the total sales of vehicles, including ordinary old-fashioned gasoline vehicles, are under Last year it was about 9% due to a pandemic.

People want electric cars. Because electric vehicles are more cost effective and convenient to own for the entire life of the vehicle. And in terms of energy, wind and solar are now cheaper than fossil fuels for new projects. Its cost will only continue to decline due to improvements in battery technology and transmissions.

By 2040 (less than 20 years from now), Morgan Stanley estimates that more than 70% of all vehicles sold will be electric vehicles.

It gives us an incredible runway for trend growth, which is a natural conclusion at the moment.

This stock rates “strong bull” 89. It evaluates the perfect 100 with momentum.

This electric car inventory checks all three boxes on my Green Zone Fortunes checklist. This is part of a strong megatrend (clean energy), with a high Green Zone rating (“Strong Bullish” 89) and an overlooked “X-element.” This inventory is expected to more than double in the next three years!!

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For good profit

Adam Odel

Chief Investment Strategist, Money & Market

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