29 Best Bras for Small Busts 2022: Bralettes, Push-Up, & T-Shirt Bras

Not all bras are created equal – and sometimes it can feel like finding the best bra for small breasts is a never-ending saga of ill-fitting pieces that feel more like a straitjacket than sexy. Not anymore: If you’re working with a small bust (think A-B cups), say goodbye to too-loose straps and open cups and find support and comfort with our selection of 29 of the world’s best sellers. But before we jump into it, there are some facts to know underwear experts urged us to keep in mind when to buy a bra for small breasts.

Small tits need support.

Whether you’re rocking an A cup or a DD, you need lift and support for one simple reason: gravity. By Emily Lau, founder of The Little Bra Company, even a small amount of breast tissue eventually stretches and sags, and a well-fitting bra can help prevent that. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean underwire bras, so don’t worry about relegating your wireless or strapless favorite to the bottom of your underwear drawer. Elma Valerio, founder of Elma Shop, points out that the support should depend on how the breast tissue fits. People whose breasts are larger at the bottom may get plenty of support from long-wire bras or wider straps, while those with fuller sides may find that a bra with a wider back and three sets of hooks provides the optimal fit.

Pay attention to the space between the bra cups.

Much of the bra-buying process depends on cup size (or letter), but experts say the key to achieving the best fit may actually be how the cups are placed on the bra. For example, if your breasts are wider apart (which is often the case for people with smaller chests, Valerio and Rachel Klein, owner of Lula Lu Petites), bras with touching cups aren’t fancy; instead, look for a style with a one-inch gap between the cups to ensure they sit right on top of the bust instead of towards the center.

Bralets are a small chest’s best friend.

Never underestimate the power of a bralette. Wireless bra and wristwatches are the perfect bras for people with small breasts – not only because they’re really comfortable and don’t have the dreaded underwire, but also because the silhouette frames the natural shape of the breasts. “A triangle cup is usually the most flattering for a smaller bust because it’s the smallest cup type,” explains Valerio. Plus, bracelets happen to be in fashion, which makes finding them really easy.

Now for the best bras for small breasts. Ahead are 29 of our top picks in a variety of styles.

29 Best Bras for Small Busts 2022: Bralettes, Push-Up, & T-Shirt Bras Source link 29 Best Bras for Small Busts 2022: Bralettes, Push-Up, & T-Shirt Bras

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