22 Best Amazon Prime Books on Sale for Prime Day 2022

While gluttony can be cool, nothing beats reading – and a selection of Amazon Prime books are on sale Prime Day 2022 help us do this. Because there are amazing books (and book offers) on offer, whether you’re in the market a new reading or you want to read the book behind the movie arrangement.

The beauty of books is that they can take you to different places and at different times without having to leave the comfort of your couch – or, if you’re lucky, a beach chair. And the choices below are especially good here, whether you’re interested in UFOs, the Tolkien tradition, college friendships, or none of the above. Below are the top 22 Amazon Prime books for your shopping cart and shelf.

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Fiction you will never forget

The best books are the ones that can’t be counted on their hands, even though it’s two o’clock at night on a weekday night and there’s definitely work to do tomorrow. They’re also the ones that stay in your mind long after you’ve finished texting about your friends, even if no one really cares what god intervened during the Trojan War. And these fit it: not only are they really good stories, but they also change you in some way, either with it expand your worldview or to arouse sympathy for the Greek demigods, who are really only agents of chaos.

For example, Min Jin Lee sprawling Pachinko sheds light on an area of ​​history that is not often discussed in classrooms – namely, Japan’s decades-long Korean rule. And with Where the Crawdads sing debuted in theaters on July 13th, you should read it before you get spoilers from trailers. If you take Achilles’ song (#BookTok favorite), be sure to stay hydrated and pack your Kleenex as you approach the end.

A sci-fi that hits (too) close to home

Aliens! Artificial intelligence! These novels have it all if you want to get away from 2022 into a distant but not necessarily brighter future – but that’s part of the fun, isn’t it? Ling Ma’s Termination It now reads more early warning than when it was released in 2019, and if you’re literally interested in the possibility of extraterrestrial characters, start The problem of the three bodies (the first in a huge, memorable trilogy) ASAP. That’s the only thing you want to discuss over the next five months.

Breezy Beach reads

Okay, so you’re not interested in reading about our inevitable dystopian future? We have you. While these carry more weight than your average beach reading, they also have more heart, bringing a romantic novel to unexpected places, and in the case of J. Courtney Sullivan Start, focus on friendships that stay with us. Pack them in your own beach bag for your next vacation.

Memoirs that make you laugh and cry (or both)

Real life may be a real jumble (see: News), but the memoirs bring magic and meaning to everyday life, whether it’s Samantha Irby dropping by the side in her laughing series of essays or Suleika Jaouad’s memoir. not only about his experience with cancer, but also about the generally overlooked, underestimated challenges that can be associated with coping. And if you’ve been a David Sedaris fan ever since Holidays on iceyou will be pleased to know that the hardcover edition of his latest collection of essays is also marked down.

Boxed book sets

Boxes are winners for a few reasons: In addition to getting multiple books by stealing, you also don’t have to stop screaming in the middle of an immersive trilogy. (Besides, they do great gifts if you have a bookworm in your hands.) with Amazon Prime Power tires In September, you may want to brush your own Lord of the Rings and remember what the evil Elrond is. (That’s true. Sorry, Legolas.) Do you want to toss a coin on a witch? Go ahead and do just that with the whole series. Sure, it’s not as good as the irritable but extremely stale Henry Cavill, but we’ll take what we get! If you like romance more, so be it Jenny Hanin A summer that became beautiful a trilogy that has risen for Prime Video – and of course Julia Quinn Bridgerton classics.

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