2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Sharks acquire Wild goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen

Many hypotheses have been raised as to whether San Jose Sharks Will find a new home for defender Jacob Middleton, whose game this season has made him a player suddenly in demand for teams in the playoff hunt.

This new home will be St. Paul, as the home Wild Minnesota Acquired the defender in exchange for Capo Kahakonen goalkeeper and a fifth-round pick in 2022, the Sharks Front Office announced this afternoon. The draft pick in question is San Jose’s original pick, which was transferred to Wild in October 2020 in exchange for goalkeeper Duban Dubnik.

The 25-year-old Finnish goalkeeper was drafted in the fourth round (104 overall) in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft by Wild, and at one point was expected to be a franchise goalkeeper, especially after the team moved from both. Darcy Comper and Dubnik have been mentioned over the past few seasons. But last summer the team set the top goalkeeper potential, Jasper Wollstadt, and promised that the goalkeepers’ pipe would have a solid future, and today, they moved to acquire veteran Mark-Andre Fleury from the Chicago Blackhawks Strengthen the net before the playoffs.

That made Kahkonen, who recorded a .910 save percentage, 2.87 goals against an average and a 12-8-3 record in 25 games this season, a bit redundant.

The Sharks were trying to figure out the future of their goalkeepers, a venture made frustrating because of the injuries and illnesses that plagued the fold this season. Although James Reimer sought to be a temporary solution, to achieve reliable goalkeeping during this transition period, to give Edin Hill a chance to adjust to a potential future starting role, the reality was more difficult. The playoffs are out of the picture and now San Jose will use every asset at its disposal – perhaps including James Reimer, who was solid on the net, even with the intense and unpredictable workload.

Regardless of Reimer’s future, Kahakonen is a goalkeeper who can challenge for a starting role, and at 25, he has a good few years of hockey ahead of him, with three seasons and 54 games of experience in the NHL.

“Capo is a fast and athletic goalkeeper who has shown the ability to consistently win at every level he has played,” said assistant general manager Joe Will On release. “He provides our club with additional depth in the goalkeeper position this season and in the coming years.”

This story unfolds.

2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Sharks acquire Wild goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen Source link 2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Sharks acquire Wild goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen

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