2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Every San Jose Sharks trade, waiver claim & signing

The madness of Monday’s trading date is behind us San Jose Sharks Look a little lighter when Acting General Manager Joe Will tries to get the club back on its winning tracks by next fall.

Here is every move the sharks have made so far to achieve this goal:

Waiver claim: Ryan Jingle, Ph.D.

When they set things in motion – and signal that the team is desperate to attack – the Sharks lifted Ryan Jingle from giving up when Toronto Maple Leaves Acquired the 30-year-old forward in a trade with Arizona Coyotes And immediately put him on a waiver to reassign him to the U.S. If he was successful, he would have been a decent piece of depth and probably served as a black ace in the playoffs. Instead, he traveled to San Jose … where he was eventually drafted into the AHL.

Jingle is on a $ 1.1 million one-year contract and will be an unlimited free agent this summer.

acquired: Alex Stlock, c
To Edmonton Oilers: Future considerations

This move deals less with the sharks’ future and more about 1. passing the team a period in which goalkeepers are depleted and 2. Do right by a player who comes to the break. Stlock has given sharks many good years and there is no doubt that the organization has seen both an opening and an opportunity here, but this is not a move made with the longevity in mind. Future considerations are likely to evolve into an in-depth player or, at most, something like a seventh-round draft pick.

The 34-year-old Stlock is in the final year of a three-year contract with a price cap of $ 785,000.

underwriter: Thomas Hartl, Ph.D.

One of the biggest moves for the Sharks at the time of this trade was to take a big name off the board: the team’s top chin has signed a contract extension for a maximum of eight years to keep his talents in the Bay Area. And all it costs for sharks is $ 8.1375 million every year.

worth it.

acquired: Capo as the drive, c; Fifth Round Selection for 2022 (SJS)
To Wild Minnesota: Jacob Middleton, d

Based on the hype that former ECHL defender Jacob Middleton has made for himself this season, the Sharks have scored another goalkeeper, hoping not only to get through this injury period, but perhaps look to the future of the crisis. Capo Kahakonen was expected to become the goalkeeper of the Minnesota Wild franchise just a few seasons ago. Can he take on the opening role in San Jose when 34-year-old James Reimer becomes a free agent in 2023?

He also comes in very budget-friendly, replacing Middleton’s contract with the same $ 725,000 contract. Both players will be restricted free agents this summer.

acquired: Anthony Bitto, d
To New York Rangers: Nick Markley, RW / C

I’m going to be honest, I’m not sure what to do with it. It seems that given his earlier-in-the-season game and the AHL, as well as his enticing $ 750,000 contract, the Sharks could have gotten more for 24-year-old Nick Markley than 31-year-old AHL defender Anthony Bitto. I guess when Middleton is gone, someone will have to come up, leaving room for the AHL defender. New York had to clear a defensive glitch and the Sharks have an abundance of six bottom forwards. Just looks like wasted leverage, but what do I know?

Markley will be Group 6 UFA this summer. Bitetto then also became an unlimited free agent. The Sharks may not have intended to re-sign Markley, and that would allow him a new opportunity elsewhere.

acquired: Fifth Round Selection for 2024 (COL)
To Colorado Crash: Andrew Cogliano, LW (50 percent saved)

This trade came to me, I will not lie. Doug Wilson very much wanted Andrew Cugliano, and wanted this team to succeed with him. He works amazing, someone who put the representatives in the league and I came to appreciate him as a player and as a person at the time in San Jose. When I know the fights over the ice he had this season, I’m going to think about him and his family a lot during the rest of the season and after the season.

Glad the team was able to do the right thing to send it to the candidate, and a fifth-round pick is expected to roughly deliver a 34-year-old depth striker.

acquired: Antoine Moran, c
To Tampa Bay Lightning: Alexei Melnichuk, c

With the acquisition of Kahkonen earlier in the day, it seemed certain that the Sharks goalkeeper would be on the move. Many predicted, or perhaps hoped, that the team would move James Reimer to maximize the potential return. Instead, the team commits to Reimer, who was basically the bonomi opener all season, and sent a goalkeeper who has taken steps back this season. Melnichuk’s days at the club seemed numerical from the moment Zachchenko’s male defeated the 23 – year – old Russian net for a summons.

The Tampa Bay AHL goalkeeper is a nightmare, and if the team wants a historic three-time championship, they will need net insurance, and hey, at least a cheap melancholy. Again, it feels like the Sharks could have pushed for more, but evacuating a free agent is limited in the wait that the main office did not intend to re-sign is something, at least.

2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Every San Jose Sharks trade, waiver claim & signing Source link 2022 NHL Trade Deadline: Every San Jose Sharks trade, waiver claim & signing

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