2022 NHL Draft: The case for San Jose Sharks to draft Kevin Korchinski

God Draft NHL Rises fast and San Jose Sharks Fell only from the top-10 in the first round, and chose the 11th overall. In preparation for the draft, we will set up a profile of a handful of players who should be available, and make a claim that the team will draft them … or run in the other direction.

Kevin Korczynski, D. – Seattle Thunderbirds, WHL

height: 6 feet -2
Weight: 185 pounds.
Draft age: 18
shooter: left
2021-2022 Regular season: 67 GP, 4 G, 61 A, .97 PPG
WHL 2022 Playoffs: 23 GP, 6 G, 12 A, .83 PPG

Scout reports

“He’s a general when he’s on the ice. Korczynski will dictate the pace of the game and appreciate every opportunity, and choose the best. He will continue the cycle and go for the blue line with a level of Johnny Pitkanen’s smoothness.”

Matthew Soma Samat Scouting

“As a motive, Korczynski is at his best when he can use his edges to push sideways. A four-way engine is effortless, he is very unpredictable and difficult to contain as he avoids pressure at the point and makes his way to the middle to help collapse the defense zone cover.”

McKinnie’s hockey (Payment wall)

Byron Bader’s NHLer and Kevin Korczynski’s Star Probability

The case against

Drafting a need is a terrible idea, especially when it can take four or five years to actually make an impact – needs can change. Sharks need to add quality potential to the blue line, but can not risk giving up high forwards in the same place. Doug Wilson Jr. has shown he will take the best player available, regardless of position, and if that means making nine forwards in the same draft, then so be it.

There are questions about Korczynski’s decision-making (especially under pressure) and if his ceiling is as high as some of the defenders ranked around him by Pavel Mintyukov and Denton Maitchuk, those players may still provide a more offensive upside than Korczynski. This is not to say that Korczynski is a defender who stays at home – scoring at almost a point per game in one’s draft season is very impressive, but his WHL team is really good, and makes the WHL final.

Korczynski is a sure choice that will not result in Wilson’s dismissal, but in retrospect in a few years, he may not have been the best player there is.

Case for

The Sharks have spent a lot of draft capital in an attempt to inject talent forward into the lineup and this is starting to bear fruit. William Eckond and Thomas Bordeaux are expected to compete for a position at the parent club this season, while Ozzy Weisblatt, Tristan Robbins, Brandon Ko and Daniel Gushchin will likely play full-time with San Jose Barracuda next season.

San Jose has made intriguing defensive choices in Ganun Larok, Centra Hatka and Artemy Kniazab over the past few years. The team has not invested in a leading defensive player selection since 2018, when the team added Ryan Markley in the draft. Adding a player like Korczynski would be a massive investment on the blue line and would undoubtedly be the second best potential of the organization.

Korczynski was fourth among WHL players in points as a rookie. He was ranked second in assists by defenders (61) and third in assists by game power (28). While he would probably like to see a little more in the goal department, he has cooked up more goals in the playoffs (6) than in the regular season (4). It’s there and it will continue to grow.

Korczynski has been compared to players like Shea Theodore, Alex Peterangelo and Tori Krug. The 17-year-old may not have the highest ceiling, but adding a defender like Korczynski could help form a defensive core that is expected to see some big changes for the first time in a long time. Korczynski should be able to concentrate a power play, maintain a solid defense and be the top four defender for the next ten years.

San Jose has not added a defensive player in the first round who has continued to play 200 NHL games (usually considered a threshold to be an NHL player) since …

Brad Stewart in 1998!

Here are others:

  • Ryan Markley (2018) – 39 games
  • Mirko Müller (2013) – 185 games
  • Nick Patreki (2007) – One Game
  • Tea Vishart (2006) – 26 games
  • Jeff Jilson (1999) – 140 games

The Sharks have done a great job focusing on the strikers, but it’s time to put out real assets on modern NHL defensive players that can help form a rickety blue line for years to come. He’s not the sexiest choice, but adding an actor with Korczynski’s talent is smart.

2022 NHL Draft: The case for San Jose Sharks to draft Kevin Korchinski Source link 2022 NHL Draft: The case for San Jose Sharks to draft Kevin Korchinski

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