2022 NHL Draft: How did the San Jose Sharks rank?

It’s probably not entirely fair to Mike Greer to call 2022 Draft NHL His first, though that also does not mean he was not ready. For a squad that was fully assembled only in the previous days (not to mention dealing with an unexpected tragedy), San Jose Sharks The front office acted like a well-oiled machine.

However, it is worth remembering that this was still a draft that was largely strategic with no permanent CEO in place. Given the circumstances of this particular draft class lacking years of development for the epidemic, who knows how they will progress.

Most experts seem to agree that this draft rate does not represent the best work of the sharks. Their early-round picks are preferred over the later picks, with defender Michael Fisher winning a number of mentions as a great pick-up.

Elite Prospects Rinkside, David St. Louis and Mitch Brown – C

Eventually, each draft will be decided by development, but that seems especially true for San Jose’s class of 2022. Look no further than Philip Beaststadt. The center of 6 feet 4 is a skater with puck skills that radiate above average across the board. These are not common. But to do that, he will have to develop recognizable habits.

Cameron Lund, an internally driven shooter with improved playing skills, will have to take his skating to another level. Michael Fisher, ranked in the top 45 of EliteProspects, is a long-term project with uncertainty because of its level of competition. The born Matias has all the skills needed to play a modern offensive role in the NHL, but requires smoothing and defensive refinement, along with reducing unnecessary point shots.

The goalkeeper in the draft, the Sharks added a skilled operator in Jake Forlong, a BCHL player without points in Bali Barnett, and a pair of intriguing scorers who played low-level hockey in Joey Moldowni and Reese Labach.

Athletic, Corey Fronman – b

Philip Beaststadt at 27 was a bit high for me overall by the Sharks, but I understand what they were trying to do. In terms of pure upside he was a top 20 easily in the draft and I appreciate the momentum. There was a clear bet on tools in size and smoothing in this draft to go with the skilled bottom defender Matthias Hollid. I could see at least one quality standard from this class, and if Bystedt or Cam Lund hit, I think you get a real player.

Athletic, Scott Wheeler – Day 2 “Winner in overtime”, ranked fifth overall

The four choices of the sharks in rounds 2, 3 and 5 were strong enough to give them a positive review, although I did not go crazy about the four they did in rounds 4, 6 and 7. […]

Michael Fisher’s selection in the third round is also an intriguing choice. Clearly they are sharpening tools, athletic players as they try to build a pool of physically stronger and more advanced players than the cluster of talented kids, 5 feet and 10 pucks they have recruited in the draft in recent years. Fisher was not on my board, but he was one of the 10 potentials I wrote about in my miss section. He is one of the best skaters and athletes in the draft. Give him some time to get rehearsals and confidence in the face of better competition than he has played against him to date in the middle circle and there may be a real upside there.

And Jake Perlong is a solid two-way defender in all situations who makes a clean first pass and plays the game with the maturity and intentions players usually find later in their careers.

Playhookie, Chris Peters – In

I was not a huge fan of Bystedt’s choice as I was concerned about his offensive side despite his combination of size and speed, but it was clear that the Sharks wanted to build some size in their system. Cam Lund, the second round, is a particularly intriguing potential client who has the combination of size and the ability to radiate in a very positive way. Meanwhile, Matthias Haulid is one of the best offensive defenders in this class based on pure skill and Michael Fisher is one of the best prep players in the US this season. All four of their first picks were in my top 100. There were a lot of fluctuations on late upside in the draft as it should be And I think Jake Forlong who was selected in 140th place could be a really solid value bet.

Yahoo! Sports, Ian Kennedy – C +

Hired just days before the draft, no one will hold it against Mike Greer. Philip Beaststadt was a dubious first-round pick. He has the tools to prove people wrong, but there were safer options. Maybe the sharks are the ones who dare to be bold. Cameron Lund were a nice choice in Round 2, and the Sharks used their second-round pick over Matthias Hollide, one of the most skilled defenders in the draft. Avalid has an upside in the sky, only obscured by its 5-foot-9 frame. The good news for shark fans is that this class can turn to B + if Bystedt, or some other high-risk and high-reward choices will be hurt.

One last word about sports, Ben Kerr – B +

The sharks added depth in the middle and the blue line in the draft. Bystedt is a large Swedish center that uses its long range and its strong stick handling ability to protect the disc and create offenses. He is able to control low grout and wait for his friends to open. Once they do, Bystedt is able to hit his teammates with delivery. He also has a good shot. Lund has the potential to develop into a six-way two-way center if he realizes his potential. With his size, smoothness, work ethic and defensive awareness, he will quickly become a favorite of the coach no matter where he plays. However, there are still some questions about his offensive potential. Havelid is undersized but has a kind of dynamic skating that allows it to cover a ton of ice and play a very effective two-way game. He brings attack and playmaking from the back.

2022 NHL Draft: How did the San Jose Sharks rank? Source link 2022 NHL Draft: How did the San Jose Sharks rank?

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