2022 NHL Draft: Could San Jose Sharks trade up in first round?

The 2022 Draft NHL He’s in a month, and he San Jose Sharks Vote 11th overall, after failing to win a lottery last month. But can the team trade to pick earlier than that?

Trading is always fun for fans, but easier said than done. The Sharks, of course, do not have their second-round pick, having gently replaced it that went off-season. The team did not replace any selection in the 2023 draft unless it became A Stanley Cup The candidate is a guarantor, a potential lottery ticket dealer for Conor Bader or Matbi Mitchkov Do not need Be something the sharks will do.

San Jose can look at moving a player, but the potential trades available – like Kevin Labank, Brent Burns, Radim Simk or whoever is the weirdest man from the goalkeeper household to three – Will not command a leading draft pick in return. Timo Meyer is really the only tall player who can bring a selection at the highest level, but why would the Sharks replace the team’s MVP? This would be contrary to what the team said and their actions.

The second half of the trade equation will be the 10 teams to choose before the sharks. Here’s a glimpse of why the ascent may or may not work with any of these teams:

Montreal Canadians

The Canadians went from Stanley Cup The final candidates for first place in total in just 10 months. Montreal already has a very young and exciting core of Nick Suzuki and Cole Copield, and the thought of joining Shane Wright would be too much for them to give up. Not to mention the fact that the first overall choice has not been traded since 2003.

0.0000001% chance of happening.

New Jersey Devils

The whispers of the demons who want Trade in the second general choice Exist since the recruitment lottery. The team has a young nucleus that is starting to add pieces to finally start competing in the playoffs. Dougie Hamilton has been added to the ranks outside of last season and is now looking to add another star to their core. Meyer is the only shark player young enough to fit into the Devils’ timeline, but it just does not make sense for San Jose to move Meyer. Chances are Logan Coley or Jurag Slapkowski might be tempting for some groups, I just do not think sharks have the ammunition or desire to go up.

1.0% chance of that happening.

Arizona Coyotes

The Coyotes decided to burn it to the ground and were looking to purchase as many properties as possible (including the second round of sharks this year). Arizona now holds seven picks in the first two rounds and the potential to add a player that some people consider the best in the draft. Logic Voice Worth to endure such a terrible season. While the Coyotes are involved in collecting assets, they still need to draft good players at some point and a good voice too.

1.0% chance of that happening.

Seattle Kraken

The Kraken may have got the best player in the draft (not named William Eckond) last season and now the team has a chance to pick the best defenders in the draft. Starting with Matty on paper and adding one from David Jiricek or Simon Nemec is not the worst way to start a franchise.

1.5% chance of it happening.

Philadelphia Players

The Flyers made a lot of moves outside of last season to “fix” their defense by trading for Ryan Ellis and Rasmus Ristolin while giving Cam York real ice time, but Philly still has issues. They may actually be in a worse hat condition than San Jose right now, with less talent. Look for the flyers that will continue to be added to the pipe as construction begins.

1.5% chance of it happening.

Blue Columbus coats

The Blue Jackets have done an excellent job in adding quality draft picks, including this one from Chicago Blackhawks In the Seth Jones deal. Columbus is a cunning smart team and can try to make a trade back, but if it also holds the 12th overall pick, it is less certain that the team will want to go back when it already has a chance to get the guy it wants in the middle of the round. In addition, Frank Nazar III will continue the trend of prospects at the University of Michigan who will eventually move to Ohio.

4% chance of that happening.

Senators of Ottawa

The senators are always a wild card in the draft, so who knows. But with a core of Tim Stutzel, Brady Takachuk and Josh Norris, Ottawa is apparently looking for a player more ready for the NHL to make an impact if they decide to replace the pick. Again, it is not clear who fits the criteria other than Meyer, and if the second choice overall is not enough to move him, a respectable package will be required around the seventh choice.

4% chance of that happening.

Detroit Red Wings

Stevie Jazerman is a person with a plan and although it may not make sense to all of us, it seems to work out. Moritz Cider’s drafting looks like an achievement in sixth place overall in 2019, but the young defender is already advancing towards the wings. Lucas Raymond took an early claim to be the best player selected in the NHL 2020 draft. Some have asked Simon Edwinson about William Auckland, but Edwinson is well on his way to making an impact (give me William Eckond). If you trade with Yazman, you are probably going to lose the trade. Just do not even try.

2% chance of that happening.

Buffalo Sabers

The Sabers were cunning this season even though they replaced Jack Eichel. With Owen Power’s first general selection now on the team, the Cybers are on their way to being fun again. The team is equipped with three first-round picks in this draft, ages 9, 16 and 28. Buffalo may be the one to rhyme an election in exchange for adding talent at the highest level, but is less likely to trade backwards. Sharks may want to rise in these two places if they are worried that the ducks will pick a player they might like, like Kevin Korczynski.

10% chance of that happening.

Anaheim Ducks

It’s complicated. The Ducks are on the verge of having fun again with Trevor Zegrass and Jamie Drysdale, as well as Mason Maktawish is expected to join in the fun this year as well. But will Anaheim really trade with a division rival without charging 125 percent of the dollar for the trade? Seems like a loss / loss scenario for the sharks to try to trade. It is more likely that San Jose would rather pounce on Anaheim than close a deal with Anaheim.

3% chance of that happening.

Chances are the Sharks will settle for a pat at 11, instead of trying to move up, but if the team does look at a potential partner who will bounce Anaheim, especially if they both love the same player, Buffalo may fit.

San Jose should still be able to get a quality player at age 11 with the way the board can shake off. The team does not really have the parts to move forward and it was willing to show a lot of patience in the draft of a strategy.

2022 NHL Draft: Could San Jose Sharks trade up in first round? Source link 2022 NHL Draft: Could San Jose Sharks trade up in first round?

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