2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers Preview: Welcome to the Martin Jones experience

I’ve been alone for a long time feeling similarities in between Philadelphia Flyers And that San Jose SharksBut the combination of new goalkeepers and new-looking defenses may ultimately convince some people that Philadelphia is destined to repeat the mistakes of past shark teams.

Yes, the Flyers will get the joy of Martin Jones Experience ™ — probably just slightly better than Brian Elliott’s last two years — fully accepting shark leftovers.

This is just one of several desperate plays made by General Manager Chuck Fletcher during the busy off-season. Is it enough to bring the flyer back into the playoffs?

Where it was interrupted

Odd years weren’t very kind to the Flyers, and 2021 was unforgiving. Philadelphia appeared to be rising in the post-season bubble of 2020, riding the height of the exit of the second round, even in the first month or so of the season. In January, the team set a 7-2-1 record, five of which were at home.

However, mid-February (4-2-2) led to embarrassing March and April, which was 14-19-5 from March to the end of the season. With only 58 points, the Flyers finished 6th in the East Division and were eliminated from the post-season conflict with the remaining 6 games.

Perhaps they were still able to correct the ship and infiltrate the playoffs, but before the trading deadline, Chuck Fletcher was in sell mode.He has Michael Rafuru Washington Capitals To Defender Erik Gustafsson Montreal Canadiens, Holds salaries for both pending free agents and receives draft topics instead.

So what was wrong with creating a team that could suddenly win a playoff round out of competition in just one offseason?

Goal keeping is everything, baby.

Philadelphia fans will hate hearing this, but Carterhart and Brian Elliott’s tandem League worst goals saved above average, Elliott is -14.01, Young Heart is shocking-22.57. Not surprisingly, the Flyers ended the season with the worst goal in the league at 201, counting the loss of shootouts.

Team Goal-The count was 163, which was more half-hearted.Three teams with few goals-to make a postseason-159 and the Montreal Canadiens New York Islanders When Nashville Predators, Both came in at 156 — and the Flyers weren’t too far from the perennial conflict mark. Boston Bruins (168) and St. Louis Blues (169).

But as Sharks fans know, scoring has limitations in usefulness when goalkeepers put everything that comes to them. The Flyers could have scored at the league average rate, but had to make a net change before the puck fell in the 2021-22 season.

2021 entry draft

Entering the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, the Flyers were the 14th pick overall (technically the 13th selection, Arizona Coyote I lost the pick in the first round because I violated the league’s combine test policy), but in the end I didn’t make a selection to 46th overall in the middle of the second round.

This is the team’s first round Buffalo SabersIn exchange for 26-year-old defender Rasmus Restrainen, with 26-year-old defender Robert Hägg and a pick in the second round of 2023. Ristolainen is an upgrade of Hagg, but losing two early draft topics to win him is a dangerous play. Sabers used the 2021 pick to draft Sweden’s Forward Isak Rosen. That alone could cause the Flyers to regret having passed this first round.

Fletcher and the company continued to make a single choice, primarily targeting defenders, in each subsequent round. Here are the six choices they made on the second day of the draft:

  • Samu Tuomaala, RW (46 overall)
  • Alexei Kolosov, G (78 overall)
  • Brian Zanetti, D (110 overall)
  • Ty Murchison, D (158 overall)
  • Ethan Samson, D (174 overall)
  • Owen McLaughlin, C (206 overall)

Overall, the draft was a non-impressive endeavor, probably recovered only by Tuomala and, to a lesser extent, Korosov. The Tuomala is a long-awaited choice in the second round and a bit frustrating playstyle, but there is a good chance of making an NHL. If they are lucky, the old Korosov will be the NHL backup goalkeeper. But all of these Defender picks are undercooked pasta thrown on the wall, hoping Fletcher will stick.


If Fletcher’s draft strategy seems confusing, wait until you see how he treated the free agent.

Prior to the draft, the Flyers had already signaled that the house be burned down to repair the leaking roof. First, they bought 30-year-old defender Ryan Ellis, who had a cool $ 6.25 million contract until 2027. All they had to do was sign the fringe defender Philip Myers and the 22-year-old forward Nolan Patrick. The team was the second draft overall in 2017. Patrick was then used to win the Cody Glass of the Center. Vegas Golden Knights..

For their honor, Ellis is a good scorer and having a defender who can drive play like him helps to repair Philly’s blue line. Patrick also missed a lot of ice time due to a genetic migraine disorder that could eventually disrupt his hockey career (and, strangely coincidentally, the aforementioned Myers in April. I accidentally hit Patrick’s ear and missed two games with migraine con erns).

On the contrary, the resurrection from Patrick on another team can be hurt, and on the other side of 30, Ellis’ contract can start to look rough within a few seasons.

Fletcher didn’t stop there when it came to keeping young talent away from the team. Defender Shayne Gostisbehere was effectively donated to the Coyote, along with the second and seventh drafts of 2022, in exchange for future consideration. Gostisbehere has struggled over the past few seasons, but there are rarely any “future considerations” in NHL transactions. Flyers is working on a whole new defense, whatever it is.

Finally, on the second day of the draft, Fletcher sent the longtime Flyers forward Jacob Volasek back to the drafting team. Columbus Blue Jackets, In exchange for Forward Come Atkinson. The two players are very similar, both 32 years old and can play wings on either side, but Voracek is a more expensive and talented player. Atkinson may save $ 2.375 million in team cap space, but will come at the expense of points.

The largest free agent signatures include veterans Keith Yandle, Adam Cleandening, Nate Thompson and Derrick Brassard. The team did not re-sign the pending free agent Brian Elliott, but instead chose to sign Martin Jones to be Carterhart’s new online backup. It’s an incredibly small improvement that’s negligible — Jones’s -11.71 goal against the average ranked him just three above last season’s Elliott. And while he played four more games, Jones allowed a total of 20 goals over Elliott and 13 more goals than Hart. When it came to addressing the real problem of goalkeepers, Flyers couldn’t improve in a meaningful way and instead added goalkeepers that were acquired to stink quite a bit on the net mind.

After all, the team is still led by Claud Giroud and the incredible top line, as well as Kevin Hayes and Ivan Provorov. It’s unclear if this offseason has played a sufficient supporting role, especially after losing the players who helped build the character of the team. In short, Philadelphia media has already accused Matt Niskanen of retiring, which ruined last season’s team culture. Losing Voracek and Gostisbehere exacerbates the problem only if it is really there.

Method is as follows Daily face off I hope you can see the Flyers roster:


Claude Giroud — Sean Couturier — Travis Konecny
Joel Farabi-Kevin Hayes-Cam Atkinson
Scott Ratton — Derrick Brassard — James van Reamsdik
Oskar Lindblom — Nate Thompson — Nicholas Orb Couverture


Ivan Provorov — Ryan Ellis
Travis Sanheim — Rasmus Ristolainen
Keith Yandoll — Justin Brown


Carter Heart
Martin Jones

What can you expect from 2021 to 22?

Frankly, it comes down to Carterhart, 23.

The poor kid made it really rough last season after occupying his legitimate position as the Flyers’ once foretold franchise starter in 2019-20. I think it’s clear that last year was an exception to his solid career, but it’s still a pretty big flop of the season and it’s hard to shake it off.

Fletcher, aiming for off-season defense, is a calculated move that enhances play on the part of the team itself and reduces the number of shots that reach the heart first. However, both Ellis and Yandoll are aggressive defenders, which can lead to risky play. This has happened in San Jose over the last few seasons. Such play requires a goalkeeper who can stand on his head when those risks result in a turnover going in the opposite direction. Martin Jones is certainly not that goalkeeper. Carter Hart last season wasn’t that goalkeeper either.

But sometimes they were both before. The number of 5 to 5 attacks by the Flyers last season was pretty good. Even the slightest improvements in the net could easily bounce them back in the middle of the playoff race, especially when they returned to the metropolitan division.

That is, if team cultures can stick to each other and maintain their numbers.

Sharks and flyers will play twice in the regular season, once in their respective home arenas. The Flyers will be Sharks’ last opponent in 2021 and will play at the SAP Center on December 30th. A week later, Sharks visits Philly to conclude his four-game road trip on January 8, 2022.

2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers Preview: Welcome to the Martin Jones experience Source link 2021-22 Philadelphia Flyers Preview: Welcome to the Martin Jones experience

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