2020 Week 16 Key Matchups: Seahawks vs. Rams

Let’s take a look at three matches that could make a difference against the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday.John Boyle

The Seahawks will have the chance to host the Rams on Sunday and win the first NFC West title since 2016, but to win the division, these are in the 10th week, the game where the Rams won 23. We need to improve our play from the time the teams meet. -16 in LA The Seahawks are now healthier, especially on running backs, but to 9-5 Rams, which features what Seahawks coach Pete Carroll called “the best defense we pay.” On the other hand, it’s not easy. Games that can win a division title may seem like a big deal, but Carroll sees this as a perfect test of the “treat every game like a championship opportunity” approach. Just as you shouldn’t miss a match against Jets, who didn’t win at the time, don’t exaggerate a late-season match with a big post-season impact.

“This week it’s all about it, it’s about reaching this point,” Carroll said. “It’s a championship opportunity, and we continue to pose each game we play as a championship opportunity and practice that spirit … this is another indication that we’ve got it. It’s an opportunity and we philosophically know what we’re doing “We can perform so that we can play against a really great football team that is close and connected. So what Does not change. “

If the Seahawks improve to 11-4 and are trying to conquer the NFC West, these are three important matches that can make a difference in the match on Sunday’s Lumen Field.

1. Aaron Donald vs Seattle attack line.

what’s that? Have you heard this several times over the years? When it comes to confronting Rams, dealing with Donald will be one of the top priorities until the day he retires or moves to another team. Simply put, Donald was one of the best players of his time and one of the best defensive tackles he’s ever played in the game, and he’s showing signs of slowing down in the seventh season. not.

Despite being an interior lineman who regularly faces double teams, Donald has 12.5 sack in 14 games, only half the sack in total for TJ Watt’s league top, 25 quarterback hits and 4 forced fumbles. I have.

“He keeps you up late at night,” said Brian Schottenheimer, an attack coordinator who played the same role in St. Louis when Rams drafted Donald. “… that’s what we actually saw on the first day we played against St. Louis. He can sometimes be dominant, how he shoots the gap, how he breaks in, he I’m going to play his play, so you’ll find a way to send people to him, but still it exposes the other. One bag Leonardo (Floyd) got, you Slide things in a particular direction and he gets a free run. “

The Seahawks were, in fact, able to prevent Donald from recording the sack at the last meeting. This season he is one of four shutout games in the category, but that doesn’t mean they’ve suppressed LA Pass Rush. As Schottenheimer pointed out, focusing on Donald opened up opportunities for other players, led by Leonardo Floyd’s three sack, and Rams sacked Wilson six times, one of the worst games of the season. Contributed to. So while stopping Donald is always a top priority, slowing down the entire pass rush may be the most important thing for a Seattle attack.For the first time since Wilson took over the job in 2012, the Seahawks didn’t allow sack for two games in a row, not only winning a one-on-one fight in the trench, but trying to do it by doing something. Protect by using the Quickpass game more often, as in the case of the dangerous Washington Passing Goods last week, or by devoting yourself to a running game that should be a much bigger factor than Week 10. Games in LA roughly to help

“It wakes you up late at night, but we people go to battle,” Schottenheimer said. “They are going to fight and we feel happy with the match. They are great, but so is (Washington Football Team), and we didn’t give up on the sack. Still the game Comes to practice, so seeing the previous 5 vs. the previous 4 would be a fun area. “

When asked about Seahawks not giving up on the sack in the last two games, Carroll said, “What’s happening, a combination of people who are happy with the rhythm of the pass game, the call to play, and the execution. I think. A step forward needed here to end this season. We have to keep it up. We can keep it up, keep Russ clean and free him to do what he can. I’m really happy to know that he hasn’t been beaten or knocked down in the last few weeks. It’s good for us, it’s not happening much, We can keep it going. “

2. A healthy Seahawks running game and one of the league’s best run defenses.

Rams ranked second in the NFL in Rand Defense, allowing a rush of 94.6 yards per game and holding his opponent down to just 3.8 yards per carry, the third lowest mark in the league. And when these teams last met, the Seahawks running game wasn’t completely shut out, but not a big factor, the Seahawks rushed 113 yards with a 22-carry.

Then again, the Seahawks played the 10th week’s game without Chris Carson, Carlos Hyde, and Rashard Penny. All of these should be available this week. Instead, Alex Collins, who recently signed the practice team, is in a hurry as a leadback. 43 yards with 11 carries.

The Seahawks rushed to a running game two weeks ago 174 yards and last weekend 181 yards as Carson and Hyde recovered from their injuries and the team was more and more focused on stopping Seattle’s explosive pass game. I was devoted. , The second and third highest total of the season. And as was the case with Washington’s loaded pass rush last week, a balanced attack, along with a quick pass game, could be the key to keeping Wilson upright and moving the attack.

“We certainly balance the attack with what we are trying to do,” Carroll said. “We only went in the direction of the sect for a moment. I didn’t mean to do that, but I’m sure we’re back. So we hope we can continue. We I’m really happy. We’ve been able to run the ball in the last few weeks and we need to feel our playing style, so it’s nice to have it and it feels good. “

But, again, running that running game at full power holds six opponents (including five of the last eight) under 100 yards this season, It’s not easy against Rams’ defenses that don’t allow rushes over 136 yards in this season’s game.

3. Jamal Adams, Carlos Dunlap II, Seahawks Pass Rush and Rams pass protection.

The Seahawks won four more bags last week and 31 bags in the last eight games. This was the highest in the NFL in that span after recording only nine bags in the first six games. And no two players have been as central to this turnaround as Jamal Adams and Carlos Dunlap II. Adams won 9.5 sack in 10 games, including 7.5 in the last 7 games, two of which played against Rams in the 10th week. Meanwhile, Dunlap has won 4.5 sack in six games since arriving at the mid-season trade.

Rams coach Sean McBay said Wednesday, “We were able to add Dunlap in advance and keep Jamal Adams healthy, so they are getting a good feeling about how to maximize their skill set. I think. ” The same is true for defense within the league. “

And if the Seahawks are always going to delay the dangerous McBay coach’s attack, going to the quarterback is a great place to start. It’s not easy to go to the Rams quarterback Jared Goff, who was fired 20 times this year for both good line play and aggressive planning, but doing so can make a big difference.

Almost all quarterbacks work better with clean pockets than under pressure, but the difference with Goff is significantly greater than most quarterbacks. According to Pro Football Focus, Goff had a passer rating of 107.6 when not under pressure, and in such situations he threw 16 touchdowns with 6 intercepts. Under pressure, Goff’s rating drops to 46.3. With 4 touchdowns and 6 intercepts.

2020 Week 16 Key Matchups: Seahawks vs. Rams Source link 2020 Week 16 Key Matchups: Seahawks vs. Rams

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