20 things in L.A. that happen to you when you’re 20 minutes away

The cliché that it takes 20 minutes to get somewhere in LA has gone beyond its origins Reckless. Of course, it could not be further from the truth, but almost three decades later we are still living, dying and moving away from it. In honor of the mantra that we take as a challenge, here are 20 things that happen when you are 20 minutes from your destination.

1. Halfway from your trip to work, you have decided to become a motorcyclist.

2. Five minutes and two traffic accidents later you changed your mind.

3. You can reach your doctor, who is five minutes away, but it takes you 15 minutes to find a parking space.

4. You murmured under your breath about the new luxury apartment complex, which seems to have risen overnight, even though you have been passing the plot for five consecutive months.

5. At 5 in the morning it will take you 20 minutes to arrive In the center to Santa Monica for a morning bike ride. Think about it at 5pm, when it takes you 20 minutes to cross a few blocks in Santa Monica.

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6. You definitely cried. Many times. And they were some of the best shouts in your life.

7. You understand that when your friend says he’s five minutes old, you need to add an extra 15 to that.

8. But due to an unexpected backup on your part, you had to agree with your friend who will be the first to arrive for the dinner reservation and thus will be responsible for stopping the host.

9. You wondered what your registration number would be after seeing a car over one lane take up 1UWNTED.

10. You understand that more than a year has passed since your last vacation. You realized this when you saw that the “Death from Smoking” billboard had reset its ticker.

11. You looked for how much it would cost to “take a highway” under your name.

12. You have wondered how late you can be late for your first meeting to be considered in time. Or without leaving a bad impression.

13. You have seen an ex / colleague / friend, removed by two degrees, jammed in the car next to you through their dim windows. You slowed down to avoid eye contact.

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14. Against all public warnings, you catch up on your unread texts, DMs and emails. Well, you were completely stopped at 101 …

15. But wait, what if an earthquake happens right now when you are stopped at the top level of a node? You shook it.

16. You wondered if the call boxes were already working.

17. From all the curses you threw when your car cut you off, you knew that “transplantation” was your worst – and also your most used.

18. You were wondering if you could start your own podcast.

19. A few blocks from your destination, you have found that if you leave even 15 minutes later, it will take you less time to get to where you are now.

20. You have opened a map application to see how long your trip would take otherwise. You contemplate Metro. You become a bus rider. You never thought that your history as a traffic hater would end in a reversal in favor of public transport.

20 things in L.A. that happen to you when you’re 20 minutes away Source link 20 things in L.A. that happen to you when you’re 20 minutes away

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