20 countries still below 10% COVID jab rate: WHO experts

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Most 20 African countries have yet to vaccinate even 10 percent of their population against COVID-19, WHO vaccination consultants said on Monday.

The Consultative Advisory Group on Immunization (SAGE) says the rapid release of COVID jab is “unprecedented”.

However, 20 countries – down from 34 in January – have yet to receive a 10 per cent immunization coverage, Kate O’Brien, WHO’s head of immunization, told reporters.

“These are countries that are working hard to move their plans forward. It is not a matter of supply now. The implications of all specific products from 2021 – the impact is still being felt,” she said.

SAGE said coverage one of the groups most affected by severe COVID-19 infection is not enough to give them the protection they need.

The average healthcare worker is 65 percent overall.

“It’s definitely a very strong position to be in, but we continue to convey the message that it needs to be 100 per cent,” O’Brien said.

The proportion of people over the age of 60 is 69 percent — although the number has dropped to 24 percent in some parts of the world.

Omicron data interval

To date, the WHO has approved eight COVID-19 vaccines and their variants, providing them with green light with its ELA use status.

SAGE says there are growing data on their impact on Omicron variants of COVID-19 as a whole showing a reduction in immunity from infection but a greater lasting effect. severe disease and death — especially after stimulant doses.

Koyaya, added: “Information has been very limited to some of the WHO EUL vaccines” in their operations against Omicron.

Vaccines approved by WHO EUL are those developed by Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Sinovac, Sinopharm, Bharat Biotech and Novavax.

SAGE has data on the first five of those, O’Brien said, but for some it has “much more evidence than others”.

Reading just started coming out on the Sinovac jab, she said. “We have no real evidence in the Omicron era for other products in the WHO EUL.”

70 percent target

The Covax Institute, established to ensure that the 92 poorest countries in the world have access to COVID-19 jabs with funding covered by donors, has so far sent 1.42 billion vaccines to 145 regions. , according to UNICEF, which oversees the strategy.

The plan is sufficient for all those countries to achieve the WHO target of 70 percent by June, SAGE said.

Covax can only use WHO EUL injections.

Cravioto said SAGE is reviewing the CanSino vaccine and will provide recommendations for its use for jab once the WHO gives it EUL. green light“Hopefully in the coming weeks.”

It will be the third Chinese prevention WHO authorized.

Cravioto described EUL jabs as “amazing tools to complete the project”, adding: “The best way to end the disease is to be vaccinated.”

WHO experts recommend additional COVID jab for people with weakened immune systems

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