2-year prison term for hit-and-run driver in deadly Fresno County road rage crash

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — A North Fork man who left the scene after a deadly clash of rage on Friant Road two years ago, is now being taken to prison for a conviction.

The upside down and badly damaged Mustang along Friant Road hinted at the violence that led to a fatal collision.

“There is this issue of road rage and it culminates and there is contact between the vehicles,” said defense attorney Dan Martin.

The Mustang veered into oncoming traffic and overturned.

The impact ejected 25-year-old Jesus Gonzalez from the driver’s seat and died while the other driver, Rosalio Galindo, just walked away.

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Martin said Galindo is mentally slow at first, but he was afraid of both men in the other car.

“He doesn’t know what to do,” Martin said. “He goes outside and then fights the two guys on the side of the road? He didn’t see the accident.”

Galido called his mother and eventually returned to the crash site.

The view was very different from Mustang, where Gonzalez’s two daughters were among the four survivors.

Two years later, the young girls wrote letters to tell a judge about their dad.

One of them stood nearby, crying, while her aunt gave her perspective on the crash.

“All I remember is the car overturned and my dad and sister were on the floor,” Rebecca Garcia said, reading one of the girls’ letters. “When I found out my father died, I couldn’t stop crying in the hospital.

The girls wrote about how their dad took them to see ducks and jump on trampolines and how much they loved and miss him.

One of them suffered a broken neck and still lives with lingering injuries now as a 9-year-old.

He is recovering physically, but the entire family has suffered irreversible emotional damage.

“My mom has a broken heart that I don’t think will ever heal,” Garcia said. “And as for my sisters and I, and his daughters, we are no longer the same. The same happy children we used to be.”

The judge sentenced Galido to two years in prison, but he will likely be out within a year.

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2-year prison term for hit-and-run driver in deadly Fresno County road rage crash Source link 2-year prison term for hit-and-run driver in deadly Fresno County road rage crash

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