2 women killed inside Fresno apartment complex

Two women were fatally shot in an apartment building, police say they may know the identity of the perpetrator.

An explanation of the identity and age of the woman murdered on Friday night, and the suspect’s potential, was not released due to an ongoing investigation, Lieutenant Paul Cervantes of Fresno Police. Said to Fresnoby..

“There’s a lot of research we have to do,” Cervantes said shortly after midnight on Saturday and didn’t provide any comments on what was motivated, if any.

According to Cervantes, multiple 911 calls reporting the victims of the shooting came around 11:25 pm on Friday.

A police officer arrives and finds a woman suffering from an obvious gunshot wound in the breeze of the complex. While providing help to her, they noticed another potential victim in the apartment, Cervantes said.

According to Cervantes, the woman found in the apartment had multiple gunshot wounds and was sentenced to death at the scene. The other woman was taken to the hospital and died after a while.

According to police, there were no signs that the perpetrator was still in the area. According to standard protocols, investigators visited the area for witnesses and potential surveillance videos.

“We believe that someone may have an ID card,” Cervantes said as a suspect. “But we are still working on it.”

2 women killed inside Fresno apartment complex Source link 2 women killed inside Fresno apartment complex

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