147,000+ May Have Had Info Compromised – NBC 7 San Diego

More than 147,000 patients, staff and doctors confirmed on Tuesday that personal and financial information could have been compromised in a catastrophic cyberattack on Scripps Health’s internal systems last month. ..

Scripps Health announced that it will email patients that an “unauthorized person” has accessed the network and obtained a copy of the document before deploying ransomware that takes the system offline on May 1. Did. And so was personal financial information.

Scripps Health, one of San Diego’s leading healthcare systems, had its technology server hacked on May 1.

“We have begun mailing notices to about 147,267 individuals, allowing them to take steps to protect their information,” Scripps said in a statement. “Social Security Numbers.” We provide free credit monitoring and identity protection support services to less than 2.5% of individuals with and / or driver’s license numbers involved. At this time, there is no indication that any of this data has been misused. Used to commit fraud. ”

Scripps said other documents were involved and the content was not yet known.

“We have begun an extensive manual review of these documents. This is a time-consuming process that can take months, but as much as possible for affected individuals and groups in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements. We’ll notify you quickly, “says Scripps.

Health organizations have repeatedly stated that they are making changes to information security and technology systems to prevent incidents such as future ransomware attacks.

Investigation into the attack is ongoing, but Scripps has not released any information about the person suspected of being involved.

A month after the outage first began, Scripps said electronic medical records were back online and patients could log in to their MyScripps account again to book online.

According to internal communications obtained by NBC 7, some Scripps Health employees appear to be gradually regaining access to their online systems after a cyberattack rocked the company. Reported by Nicole Gomez of NBC 7.

The first signs that the system was back online occurred last week when Scripps Health employees were able to access internal systems such as patient records, email, salaries, and internal emergency response communication tools.

Oumari Fleming of NBC 7 talked to experts about how the attack works and how patients aren’t victims.

Despite the system’s breach, Scripps confirmed that doctors could provide patient care through backup processes such as medical records. Difficult to get an answer From Scripps.

Patient appointments that were postponed due to a security breach that the California Department of Public Health called a ransomware attack had been rescheduled as of May 18.

If you have any questions, you can call the dedicated call center (855-535-1822). The call center is open Monday to Friday from 6 am to 6 pm.

Local healthcare providers operate five hospitals and a range of clinics in San Diego.

147,000+ May Have Had Info Compromised – NBC 7 San Diego Source link 147,000+ May Have Had Info Compromised – NBC 7 San Diego

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