14 Best Nipple Covers, Stickers & Bras That Aren’t Really Bras

Of all you can Maybe i want (Or Need) These days, the best nipple covers may not be ranked high on your wishlist. But on hot summer days, you need clothes with the least amount of fabric (hello, Linen dress), And while being a no bra can really be free, not everyone feels comfortable peeping at the nipples or potential nip slips.

Thanks to the infinite possibilities of the internet, we have recently found a lot of smart and affordable solutions that allow you to wear almost anything. Therefore, if you need guidance, keep scrolling to find a handy checklist of bra alternatives that are perfect for hoarding.From adhesive bras to silicone nipple covers to reusable pasties, each can solve many problems. Tricky top and dress situation— And everything is easy to put on and take off.Buy 14 nipple covers that are perfect for exposing your skin as the temperature is only rising Summer looks..

Adhesive bra

What is suitable: Backless or ultra-low cut dresses and tops.

Easy to wear Your most comfortable bra (Or nothing) when you are at home SweatHowever, those one-shoulder numbers and open-back dresses require a little extra foresight. Sometimes you can get away with just a strapless bra, but if you’re looking for shape and clarity without the fight against gravity, the glue style is the way to go.

Celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson said Glamour She prefers NuBra (shown below) to traditional strapless styles because it’s much better to stay hidden. (This invisible bra is size A to E and has a wide range of nude colors compared to other brands on the market.) What is the proper way to wear it? “Bend over, point one cup to the outside of your chest, place the other cup on your other chest, and clip it,” says Patrickson. “It will help give you some cleavage, and it’s the best way I’ve found to wear it.”


Free People go to a bare backless strapless bra


NuBra Basic Feather Light Bra

Fashion Foam U Plunge Self-Adhesive Backless Strapless Bra

Intimissimi Silvia One Piece Microfiber Push Up Bra

If you have More fulfilling bustConsider brands like Fashion Forms and Nordstrom Lingerie, which make adhesive bras up to G-cups. The options below will stick firmly to your side and provide a lift under your clothes with a low neckline and open back.


Nordstrom Lingerie Sensual open back strapless underwire bra


Fashion Foam Sensual U Plunge Backless Strapless Bra (DD–G)

Silicon nipple cover

What they are suitable for: Thin or semi-thin fabrics, plunging necklines, swimwear.

The sticky nipple cover (or silicone pasties) is lightweight and almost invisible, making it ideal for wearing especially in hot weather. These options are usually circular and cover the entire areola beyond the nipple. Most brands offer a variety of skin tones.You can also get them in a waterproof style to wear under the bikini One-piece swimsuit..

Nudwear Daisies Waterproof Nipple Cover

Nippies Skin Ultimate Adhesive Nipplecovers Pasties & Travel Case

Hollywood Fashion Secret Silicone Cover Up

House of Cb Silicone Reusable Nipple Cover

Fashion Form Women’s Reusable Full Figure Gel Petals

Muqu Women’s Silicone Pasties

Due to their thickness, nipple concealers tend to do a better job than mesh bralets or sports bras in masking erect nipples. In addition, most of the sticky silicone covers are made of medical grade or hypoallergenic silicone, so if you add them to your daily rotation, they should be skin-friendly.


What they are suitable for: Light fabric, V-neck, loose tops and T-shirts.

Similar to the reusable nipple cover, pasties provides subtle coverage when wearing light clothing, summer white, and basic. White tank top.. Note that they act like stickers and are usually flatter than reusable silicone nipple covers. If you don’t apply it exactly to your boobs, you can become a packer.

Pasties are often reusable even if they are not washable, and like the nipple cover above, in most cases you will need a little mild soap and water to reactivate the adhesive on the back.

Commando Nipple Concealer Adhesive

Fashion foam silicone breast petals

Skim Solution Wear Paste

While chest petals (flower-shaped pasties) are a popular option, ICYMI pasties are offered in a playful design (heart, star, or cross) and a kaleidoscope of fabrics (lace, satin, sequins). .. opportunity. Nipple covers with sequins don’t scream comfortably (or to work safely), but most often they are lined with latex-free or hypoallergenic silicone glue. This means that even rhinestones will not irritate or rub even when worn for hours. At the end. (A test patch is also attached to some PS, so you can spot-try the product on the non-sensitive part of the skin in advance.)

Bristol’s 6 Pretty Pink Nippies Cover

Savage x Fenty Rhinestone Studs Heart Pasties

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