12-year-old millionaires are a future to teach and learn from

Global business development trends are obvious: business is getting younger. All over the world, there are more and more young millionaires who were able to realize their potential without family capital and at a very early age. Considering these trends, Ukraine is also gradually introducing alternative education, while in the United States, the tradition to involve businessmen in raising children goes back tens and tens of years.

Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Timofeev), the founder of venture investment fund Adventures Lab, has recently taken part in Business Camp in Ukraine where he talked to Ukrainian kids and explained them how to pitch their idea to people who can fund it. Tymofieiev explains why it is important to keep in mind an American idea of developing an entrepreneurial spirit in a child and why investors are heeding the new generation.

As Ruslan Tymofieiev explains, the United States is home to every modern concept of successful business, start-ups, an innovative economy. It is an engine of progress. Americans have several archetypes of a school student that appeared in the fifties, survived for almost a hundred years, and became part of the culture.

The first archetype is a kid under ten years old who sets up a table on the lawn near the house and sells lemonade to neighbors and passers-by. The kid makes lemonade by himself. “Clients” consider it their duty to approach a small businessman, seriously discuss pricing issues and a business model with him, buy lemonade, drink, and praise the kid for his work.

The second one is a scout who sells cookies. Teenagers go from door to door, approach passers-by on the street, tell them a story about why they need to buy cookies from them, and what the money will be used for.

In this way, society engages young Americans in the real economy. Then, using their childhood experiences, they will build America when they grow up.

By selling lemonade to passers-by, children learn the basic principles of business communication. They act as a business owner who sets the price, negotiates with clients, bargains, and most importantly, receives recognition and reward for their work.

Then, the children who used to sell lemonade grow up and become scouts. Thus, their entrepreneurial behavior is fundamentally changing: instead of passively selling lemonade, children go into active pitching. Now, their task is not only to invite buyers but to convince potential customers to pay for their participation in a scout organization by purchasing cookies. Such communication is beyond the comfort zone but it provides a practical basis for running a successful business in the future. When children are pitching and communicate with each other, they learn and exchange experiences. They come up with better ways to appeal to the customer’s attention and sell their idea by wrapping it in a cookie package.

Brazilian kids play football, so there are a lot of football players over there. African kids play Olympic runners, so there are many Olympic runners over there. But American kids are playing businessmen. Therefore, there are so many of them and all technological progress is taking place in the United States.

According to Ruslan Tymofieiev (Ruslan Timofeev), Ukrainian women teach their children to avoid talking to strangers. They have enough reasons to do so. But as a result, Ukrainians have the smartest, most talented children who can create anything, any brilliant business idea or revolutionary technology. But at the same time, they do not know how to communicate with strangers. Therefore, they do not know how to show their idea, they cannot ignite the investor with it. And nothing happens. There is no startup, no unicorn takes off to the stars. What happens – it is just a very talented student who puts their brilliant idea in the closet.

The investor says that thirty years after the Soviet Union, this approach is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Ukrainians are finally moving away from the Soviet education model, at least in some aspects, which implies raising an engineer from a child in a research institute. More educational initiatives are emerging that seek to take children out of the Soviet square-nesting paradigm and prepare them for the real world. The amount of robotics schools, innovative technology, and engineering schools is growing. And there, children do not just draw formulas on the blackboard but build and program robots, and Tymofieiev finds it great.

The founder of Adventures Lab considers the emerge of GoGlobal’s Business Camp as a breath of fresh air. This education format gives children exactly what is the main treasure and the key to success in the modern world and in any world. It incorporates the ability to communicate, protect, promote, and sell their ideas.

Ruslan Tymofieiev is very glad that he was invited to mentor in the Business Camp. He hopes that he could be useful to the school participants with knowledge about client pitching. This is not only a “social burden,” but also a contribution to the future of the nation. Some of the school participants will benefit from what they have heard, and that will help them in a few years. Someone will be able to attract investment in their business idea this year. Turn a simple idea into a business idea and a business idea into a successful business. There will be many more such projects, and he believes that every successful businessman will treat mentoring in such projects as their social duty.

Tymofieiev’s lecture at the Business Camp was about pitching. It is what American scouts learn from childhood, selling cookies, and what no school teaches in Ukraine. It is what is the key to the success of any business idea. It is what turns an unrecognized genius into a recognized worldwide star—the skills of presenting your own ideas. It is what makes a business successful.

Ruslan Tymofieiev started making money at the age of 17, when he embarked on doing internet marketing, learned how to scale communities and promote business motivation pages on social networks. More than 10 years ago, that brought him 300-400 US dollars a day. This means young people with cutting-edge technology and their own approach can do even more in the present time.

Modern life is speeding up every day. As the Red Queen said in “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place, and if you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that. On the one hand, business is looking for personnel, business is looking for ideas. On the other hand, investors are looking for potential unicorns to invest in. On the third hand, the threshold for doing business is disappearing, and there is no need to be a respected 40-year-old person to become a successful businessman. Any school kid can become a successful businessman with the right approach and motivation. Generation Z is absorbing volumes of information that our parents have never dreamed of. The amount of data is much higher than what we consumed at their age. The trend is obvious: business is getting younger. In ten, twenty years, no one will be surprised by a twelve-year-old millionaire, just as today no one is surprised by a sixteen-year-old startupper.

Now, business is looking for such people and it wants to be a part of this new, fast, and innovative future. Therefore, business wants to get acquainted with the youth who will build this future. Tymofieiev believes that projects that help build self-confidence in young people and make them want to be a driver of technological and business progress are extremely important. Projects like the Business Camp are shaping Ukraine’s future as an innovative country. It is a country that advances technological progress, and not only enjoys its fruits created in other countries.

Ruslan Tymofieiev offers to look around, to look at teenagers who wear strange clothes and listen to too loud and misunderstandable music. They discuss things in a language you do not understand at all. Some of them will invent technology, and it will change our whole life. Try to guess who exactly that person will be. The entire world business, all the investors in the Universe, heed these teenagers and try to guess which of them should immediately receive all their millions. “You also have a chance to win in this game,” adds Ruslan Tymofieiev.

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