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The hills around the Bay Area have been brown and dry for weeks, reminding us every day that we are facing a severe drought that is expected to last at least until the end of summer.

Already, drought has plunged much of California into an emergency, pushing the beginning of the fire season and forcing Northern California’s most populous county, Santa Clara County, primarily for landscaping and lawn reduction. Encouraged to impose standard water restrictions. Watering. This represents up to 50 percent of the city’s water usage during the summer.

Regardless of whether mandatory restrictions are imposed on other bay area communities, water authorities are responsible for helping residents mitigate emergencies by reducing their daily water use. Says that you can fulfill.

Some tips for the home are especially familiar to former California drought veterans. They learned long ago to install highly efficient toilets and keep the faucets from moving unnecessarily.

But here are some steps that people might not have thought of, as well as information about free services, apps, devices, and rebates available from your local water district. These services are serious for residents to track water usage, install simple water-saving devices in bathrooms and kitchens, buy new water-efficient equipment, and redo the garden with sustainable landscaping. Helps you work on it.

Quick and easy indoor tips

— Flush the laundry and dishes. – Turn on the faucet only if you need to rinse — brush your teeth, shave, wash vegetables and dishes. Instead of running a constant stream of water, pour water into the sink or bathtub and rinse quickly. Before loading the dishwasher, scrape food off the dishes instead of rinsing. – Take a shower instead of a bath for a short 5 minute shower. The shower uses almost one-fifth of the water in the house and saves 2.5-5 gallons every minute. – Use a bucket to remove water when the water in the kitchen, shower, or bath is warm. The water is used for cleaning and watering plants.

Quick and easy outdoor tips

— In the summer, water the garden early in the morning or at night, preferably between 6 pm and 10 am – check and adjust the sprinklers to make sure they are watering the plants, not the walls or sidewalks. To do. – Add mulch to the planting area to reduce water loss, improve soil quality and keep soil temperature low. – Do not use hoses to wash the patio or driveway. – Take your car to a commercial car wash where you can recycle the wash water. If you need to wash your car at home, use a bucket and sponge instead of a hose. – If you have a pool, cover it and lower the temperature during warmer months to prevent evaporation. – For entertainment, run only the fountain or waterfall in the garden.

If you want to be more serious: free services, devices, rebates

Check your local water district for water-saving services, rebates, devices such as apps and kits that can help you calculate water usage and detect potential leaks in indoor or outdoor plumbing and irrigation systems. please.

Water in the valley of Santa Clara County Some other districts offer free low flow shower heads and aerators for faucets. You can save hundreds of gallons each month by replacing your old showerhead with a more efficient showerhead.

Each district also offers tips for choosing water-efficient toilets, clothes and dishwashers to save water, energy and money. Toilets are often the main source of water in the home, accounting for nearly 30 percent of the average household’s indoor water usage.

The district also offers a variety of rebates, primarily to replace lawns with water-efficient landscaping.For example, valley water Offering rebates Up to $ 2,000 for eligible housing.

Use Bay Area Water Supply Conservation AgencyResidents eligible for the Alameda County Aqueduct, Central Peninsula Aqueduct, and other South Bay and Peninsula communities receive up to $ 200 refunds for installing high quality rain barrels and discounts on sprinkler system smart controllers. Eligible to receive.

Meanwhile, the East Bay Municipal Utilitity District has a rebate of up to $ 200. Install the flow meter device To provide customers with information about water usage and potential leaks and rebates up to $ 50 Purchase of reclaimed water valve To divert water from the washing machine to the outdoor landscaping.

For rebates provided by the aqueduct, you are a resident of the area and must submit an application.

12 Bay Area drought survival tips for a long, dry season – Times-Herald Source link 12 Bay Area drought survival tips for a long, dry season – Times-Herald

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