1 ballot, 2 questions

The governor’s call election on September 14 is imminent, but registered voters who have not yet voted have ample opportunity to ensure their voice is heard.

You can return the ballot by mail, use the drop-off site, or vote directly at the county polling place, as long as it is postmarked by September 14. For a list of polling stations and ballot drop-off sites, visit the following URL online: Recorder.countyofventura.org..

As of Tuesday, August 31, the county had already received more than 36,800 ballots in the dropbox and an additional 78,100 votes via the United States Postal Service.

Voters are asked to answer only two questions. The first is whether Governor Gavin Newsom should be dismissed. The second asks which of the 46 recall candidates should take over.

Miranda Nobriga, program manager for the county clerk / recording office, said there was confusion about answering the second question.

“Some people think that if they vote against a recall, if they vote for someone in the second question, they will cancel the vote,” Nobriga said.

“it’s not.”

Even if someone votes against the recall with a “no” vote for question 1, that person may answer the second question and vote for the candidate.

Candidates include farmers, lawyers, teachers, ministers, and both cannabis policy advisers and real stoners (name only). Candidate Denver Stoner is the Deputy Sheriff of Alpine County.

Radio personality Larry Elder is one of the few entertainers. The list also includes reality TV stars, Olympic Caitlyn Jenner, and the famous Thousand Oaks locals. I drive a hot pink corvette that is common throughout Ventura County.

Known only by her adoption name, Angeline was a candidate for the 2003 Governor’s recall, when Arnold Schwarzenegger won the state’s top office. She finished 29th in the field of 135 candidates.

There have been 54 attempts to recall the Governor of California since the Californians added initiative, referendum, and recall powers to the State Constitution in 1911, but successfully expelled Gray Davis in 2003. It was just that.

At least 50% of voters must vote against the recall in order for Newsom to be in office.

Notably, last week the Ventura County Secretary and Voter Registration Authority announced that some voters had been notified that ballots had already been returned to the county, even if they had not yet voted.

The negligence was associated with a printing error by K & H Election Services, an authorized county printer, and the tracking barcode was duplicated on the return envelope of the ballot, the clerk’s office said.

K & H worked with the tracking company and the Secretary of State to remove all duplicates from the system and avoid further false notifications, the agency said.

The department further stated that the error affecting 2,188 or 0.4% of the 509,679 registered voters in the county only affected ballot notifications mailed via the United States Postal Service.

County Secretary-Recorder Mark Run Acorn This “minor error … has nothing to do with voting aggregation … This has to do with notices at the voter’s convenience, not content or aggregation.”

If you have any concerns about the status of your ballot, please contact the County Elections Division (805) 654-2664.

1 ballot, 2 questions

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